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Save Water While Washing Clothes This Summer Season With These Quick Tips

Feel guilty about wasting a lot of water while washing clothes during summer? These tips will help you save a lot of water. 
Published -27 Apr 2022, 18:20 ISTUpdated -27 Apr 2022, 18:28 IST
  • Tanya Malik
  • Editorial
  • Published -27 Apr 2022, 18:20 ISTUpdated -27 Apr 2022, 18:28 IST
tips to wash clothes with less water

During the summer season, our water consumption increases especially in the laundry area. The hot and humid weather makes us all sweat through the day, leaving us with sweaty, dirty clothes. No wonder why we all spend a lot of time in the laundry area washing our clothes more than usual during this season. 

However, frequent washing of clothes also means that there is more wastage of water which none of us wants. So, what's the solution? Here, we have a quick guide that will help you save a lot of water while washing clothes. 

Use Your Detergent Wisely

Do you think adding more detergent than required will help you clean those sweaty clothes better? Well, that's not true. You should use the detergent is just the right amount. Going extra with the laundry detergent would mean more rinsing of your clothes with water which will add to water wastage. A good hack of using your detergent is adding it to some warm water and then pouring it over your clothes before turning on the washing machine. 

Re-Use Your Towels

Do you put your towels straight into the washing machine after taking a bath? Well, you can save a lot of water if you don't put them for washing everyday. After taking a bath, hang up your towel out in the sunlight to naturally dry. Re-use your bathing towel the next day and then you can push it for machine washing after 2-3 uses. 

Plan The Washes Properly

washing machine washes plan

Just because you are running short of time doesn't mean you run the washing machine with half the load. Instead of doing small wash loads in the machine, go full load. Plan to do your laundry accordingly. This way you will save on a lot of water. 

Pre Treat The Stubborn Stains

stubborn cloth stains

If you have stubborn stains on your clothes, treat them before adding them to the washing machine. Use a cleansing gel or soap to remove the stain. This will prevent you from rewashing the cloth, further saving a lot of water. 

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Repeat Clothes Which Aren't Dirty

There are times when we don a fresh shirt for a quick virtual meeting or a pair of joggers just to collect some milk from a nearby shop. What do you do with these clothes after? If you have worn them for such a short span, they are clean and can be worn again, don't throw them into your laundry basket. Keep them back to your cupboard and repeat them whenever required. 

Check For Any Leaks In Your Washing Machine

How often do you give your washing machine a check? A small leak in the washing machine can make you lose a lot of water. Take a few minutes to check your washing machine properly every month. This will help you check for a leak if there is any. You can seal it right there, further preventing the wastage of water. 

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Use Less Water While Hand Washing Clothes

hand washing clothes

If you are hand washing clothes, make sure you keep a close check on the water you are using. A lot of times while washing clothes on our own, we don't realise the amount of water we have used. Don't let the faucet run all the time. Keep 1 bucket of clean water for rinsing and another one for washing. Use more water only if required. 

We hope these tips help you save a lot of water while washing clothes next time. For more such stories, stay tuned! 


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