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Sakat Chauth 2022: Know About The Date, Time, Shubh Muhurat And Significance

Let us know when will Sakat Chauth's fast be observed in 2022 and why do we worship Lord Ganesh on this day.
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All the fasts have their own importance in Hinduism. All the festivals are celebrated in a different way. One of the important festivals of India is Sakat Chauth I.e. the fast of Sankashti Chaturthi. According to the calculation of Hindu calendar, every year the fast of Sakat Chauth is kept on the Chaturthi date of Krishna Paksha of Magha month.

On this day, Lord Ganesh is worshipped with a lot of rituals. It is believed that if you keep this fast, then all your wishes will be fulfilled.

Women observe this fast for the longevity and good health of their children. It is believed that the child of a woman who observes this fast reverently wins everywhere and maintains good health. Let us know from the famous Pandit Radhe Sharan Shastri of Ayodhya, when will Sakat Chauth be celebrated this year and what is the importance of this fast.

Sakat Chauth Tithi And Auspicious Muhurat

ganesh sakat chauth vrat

  • This year the Chaturthi date of Krishna Paksha of Magha month will fall on 21st January, Friday. 
  • Sakat Chaturthi date starts - January 21, Friday, from 08:51 am 
  • Sakat Chaturthi date closing - January 22, Saturday, till 09.14 in the morning 
  • Moonrise time on Sakat Chauth is 9 PM, however this is an approximate time and moonrise time varies from place to place. 
  • This time Saubhagya Yoga will be formed on the day of Sakat Chauth, which has a different significance. 
  • Saubhagya Yoga will remain till 03.06 pm on 21st January, after that Shobhan Yoga will start. 
  • It is believed that doing any work in Saubhagya Yoga leads to auspicious results and well-being. 

Sakat Chauth Fast Story

puja sakat chauth vrat

There are many stories of Sakat Chauth fasting. In one of these stories, there lived a potter in a city. Once, he made a pot and put gooseberries in it, but they didn't cook. The troubled potter went to the king of the city and said that he does not know what is the reason that the gooseberry is not getting cooked.

The king called Raj Pandit and asked the reason. Raj Pandit said, every time the gooseberry is planted, it will be cooked by sacrificing a child. Hearing this, the king ordered and the sacrifice started. 

After a few days, it was the turn of an old lady’s boy. The old lady had only one son and he was her support. However, it was the king's order, therefore, his turn also came. The old lady got worried thinking about what will happen to her if her only son is snatched away from her.

The old lady gave her son a betel nut and a cobra. She told her son to sit in the water and take the name of God. This way Sakat Mata will protect her. The boy did the same and everyone was shocked as the gooseberry was cooked but the boy was safe.

Just like the old lady saved her son, similarly she also protects the children of those who keep this fast.

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Sakat Chauth Fast Method

thali sakat chauth vrat

  • According to Pandit ji, Lord Ganesha should be  worshipped mainly on Sakat Chauth .
  • Women observing fast on this day wake up early in the morning and wear red clothes.
  • It is believed that Ganapati likes red clothes, so wearing red clothes is very beneficial on this day.  
  • Along with Ganpati, the idol of Goddess Lakshmi must also be kept for worship. 
  • After fasting for the whole day, offer Ardhya to the moon at night. 
  • After this, after worshipping Ganesh ji, you can eat fruits.
  • In some places, you have to worship Lord Ganesh even at dusk.
  • On this day, sesame, guna and sweet potato are offered as bhog. 
  • Offer 21 Durva to Lord Ganesha while chanting Ganesha Mantra.
  • After worship, break the fast by offering Arghya to the moon in the night.

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Significance Of Sakat Chauth Fast

ganpati sakat chauth vrat

Sakat Chauth fast is also known as Sankashti Chaturthi, Lambodar Sankashti Chaturthi, Tilkut Chauth, Tilkut Chaturthi and Maghi Chauth. It is believed that Modak is offered to Ganapati on this day and sesame seeds are also offered.

Worshipping Lord Ganesh on this day fulfils all your wishes and keeps their child happy. By observing this fast with rules and reverence, happiness comes in the family and Goddess Lakshmi arrives. This fast gives freedom from all troubles, hence it is also called Sankashti Chaturthi. 

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