Bigg Boss is one controversial show which grabs eyeballs for the wrong reasons most days. Every season, contestants inside the Bigg Boss house get into ugly fights and there are days when they cross their lines too. 

At times, the fights get so ugly that the contestants go on to pass on personal comments on their co-contestants. A lot of contestants have also body-shamed others on the show. Their body shaming not only led to them getting trolled online but they were also slammed by the host of the show Salman Khan.

Rahul Vaidya Body-Shaming Arshi Khan

rahul vaidya body shaming

Things have been ugly between Arshi Khan and Rahul Vaidya ever since the former entered the Bigg Boss house as a challenger. In one of the episodes when Arshi Khan called Rahul Vaidya 'Nalla' and told him that he ran away from the show, Rahul in return said,  "Vazan se bhaari nahi beta, dil aur dimaag me thoda bhaaripan la." 

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When Hina Khan Body-Shamed Shilpa Shinde

hina khan body shaming shilpa

During season 11, Hina Khan was massively trolled after she trolled her co-contestant Shilpa Shinde. In one of the episodes, she was seen telling Shilpa Shinde, “Meri jaisi ban kar dikha Shilpa Shinde loser. Shakal hai nahi, akal hai nahi, bhainsi jaisi hai. Karegi kya?” However, this wasn't the only time she body shamed someone inside the Bigg Boss house. She also commented about the physical appearance of popular TV actress Sakshi Tanwar and called her cross-eyed. 

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Shefali Bagga Commented On Rashami Desai's Weight

shefali bagga body shamed

During Bigg Boss season 13, Journalist Shefali Bagga body-shamed Rashami Desai on the show. During a task, Shefali Bagga was seen telling Rashami Desai, "Motape se toh size badh raha hai, par height se nahi."

Shefali Bagga was massively trolled after making the statement. Even Bollywood actress Zareen Khan lashed out at her for body shaming Rashami Desai. Zareen Khan on her Instagram post wrote, "Being a journalist automatically puts a lot of responsibility on your shoulders BUT, @shefalibaggaofficial Seems to have forgotten all about it, just to win a game!" For those who don't know, Shefali Bagga also brought up Arti Singh's past personal life during the task. 

Shehnaaz Gill Making Fun Of Shefali Jariwala's Lips, Mocked Koena Mitra

koena mitra mocked shehnaz

During Bigg Boss season 13, Shehnaaz Gill was seen making fun of Shefali Jariwala's lips. In one of the episodes, she was also seen mocking Shefali by spreading lipstick all over her face. She roamed around the entire her making fun of her. After the episode, Shehnaaz Gill was slammed by netizens. Many Twitterati's called her classless and disgusting seeing Shehnaaz Gill's imitation act. 

Shehnaaz Gill was also seen mocking Koena Mitra, making fun of her work, appearance, and acting skills. Koena Mitra in an interview said, "...And when I told Shehnaaz, please show me these things, she would run. Eventually, I told Salman that she mocks at me and criticises me. He immediately defended her by saying that people are loving it. That was quite shocking for me as I don't think any Indian would love somebody indulging in mockery, personal attacks, or judgments. Indians are not so weak."

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When Priyank Sharma Fat-Shamed Arshi Khan And Shilpa Shinde

priyank sharma body shamed

In one of the episodes during Bigg Boss season 11, Priyank Sharma was seen body shaming Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde. He was seen fat-shaming the two by saying they can't even run a small distance with their overgrown bodies. He even went on to say that they have grown their bodies like a bull. Later, he was slammed by host Salman Khan. Salman Khan asked Priyank about his mother's weight, he even lashed out at other contestants for not stopping him.

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