Being homebound in the past few months was initially fun but now there are reports of people losing patience, going into depression and there has been an increase in the number of arguments and fights at home. It is very important for our own mental well being that we stay calm and composed and work out the triggers that are leading to all these negative elements. Besides taking to activities that can spruce up moods and consulting a psychiatrist for better functioning, try keeping positivity exuding objects as well at home. Plants are not just for show but for our well being as well. So here are some herbs and flowers that are known to have a positive effect on your mood.

Holy Basil

Holy Basil or Tulsi is worshipped a lot in India. Used as herbs, these plants give out oxygen and are said to fight toxins in the air. They provide a calming atmosphere at home, giving very positive vibes. The herbs have medicinal properties as well which can be utilised via some hot tea or drink. 


This one is my favourite as it is well utilised in pizzas and omelets and even french fries. Your pasta will smell way better with a seasoning of fresh from home oregano. Well, not just food, this herb plant is also known for creating a happy environment. It is said to be ideal for your spiritual chakras and bring peace to your rooms. It is often used as a family strengthening plant which is why some people even gift these in beautiful pots when going to someone's place. 

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jasmine plant

A flower which we all love for its mesmerising fragrance, the jasmine plant is also considered sacred in some parts of the world. These flowers are known for being the bringers of self-confidence, for making relationships stronger and they are well utilised in different forms of oils and body washes or candles to set the mood for some romance with your partner. Some people even believe that the fragrance of jasmine flowers attracts positive dreams. Lastly, folks, they look beautiful so why not get one?


rosemary plant

When you think of this herb, the first thing that comes to mid is purification. Get rid of all that anxiety and feelings of depression, loneliness with this plant on your windowsill. Rosemary instills an inner sense of peace in you. Some people recommend that you keep this plant at the entrance to your house. You can also utilise it in your cooking.


lili plant

Lilies are said to be a good omen and are known to be the blessing flowers. They help in bringing in peace at home by alleviating all personal issues which could be emotional spiritual or physical. Keep a plant of these lovely flowers in your bedroom for a peaceful sleep and wake up feeling fresh in the morning. 

Aloe Vera

aloe vera plant

Not just for its medicial and beauty properties, aloe vera is a very low maintanance plant which comes with many healing properties.  It is well known to ward off bad luck and all those negative vibes around you.


lavender plant

If you are not sensitive to the fragrance of lavender then these exotic flowers are well known for their relaxing quality. Most spas and parlours light a lavender candle or brin some aroma oil to destress the customers. They help in treating depression, insomnia and headaches.

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There are many kinds of rose plants available in nurseries but if you can, try to get a 'desi gulaab' plant. The fragrance is just so pure and genuine, unlike the perfumes you may be picturing in your head. Roses are symbols of love, a happy and positive environment. Considered to be the most beautiful flower and a messenger of love, a rose can heal you and the environment around you! This sacred flower removes negativity and helps in getting rid of the toxins from the air.   

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Money Plant

Money plants fit anywhere. Inside your room, bathroom or in your balcony or garden, these plants are great for uplifting the mood. Some people even place them in their kitchen to add that lush green colour. These plants are known as air purifiers as well and they reduce stressful energy in the house. They need very little care so just a cup of water every two days is enough. 

Get yourself some of these plants and think positive. Stay tuned to HerZindagi to know more tips on de-stressing and spreading positive energy at home.