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Here Is How You Can Plan The Most Romantic Date In The Lockdown

Wondering how you can have a romantic date in the pandemic? Here are a few ideas!
  • Riddhi Kaushik
  • Editorial
Published -29 Jun 2021, 16:18 ISTUpdated -05 Jul 2021, 10:34 IST
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The only thing rising more than the cases in the pandemic is the number of break-ups. No, this is not a joke, and all the single people going, “how does distance matter when you are in true love” it does. Let’s face it guys when we are in a relationship, there are certain gestures that are needed once in a while to maintain the charm. There is nothing shallow about wanting a little extravagance. However, in this unending pandemic, all our romantic plans have come to an unexpected stop. Usually, we would plan our dates and go for breakfasts, movies, games and the list goes on. Now you are probably just stuck in the pandemic with zero ideas on how to plan a romantic date. If that is the case then this article may just save your relationship!

Now, there are two types of couples feeling the repercussions of the pandemic on their relationships. The first ones are those that are stuck at different places managing to get a glimpse of each other through the rectangular screens of their phones. They have hardly anything to look forward to and can feel the losing spark in their relationship. Second, are those couples that are together but locked in. while you may think that they are lucky since they are at least together, agreed. However, sometimes we fail to acknowledge and value what we have right in front of us and that is what happens in this case. When the times were normal they had a chance to go out with each other to break the monotony but right now the most romantic thing in their life is probably working together on their laptops. Before this article gets any more upsetting let us just get straight to how to plan romantic dates in the lockdown!

Cook Together

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If you are miles apart, this idea is just for you! Pick one recipe that matches both your tastes and share it with your partner. Set a timing, buy all the ingredients required, share a google meet link and connect with each other virtually. While on a video call, place your device at a safe distance and follow the recipe and both of you cook the meal together at your respective places! This will help you share the same experience, and you will feel like you are together. Once the meal is ready, take some time, get ready, place it on the table along with the device and eat together. Chit-chat, make fun of what you have made, how it has turned out. Ship it with a glass of wine and just enjoy your date!

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Movie Night

lockdown movie date ideas one

Image Credit- thebuzzmagazines

If you are away from each other, put an extra effort, use an editing app and design a ticket. Share that ticket with your partner and connect with them on Netflix at the given time. Make sure they carry their movie snacks and so do you. Watch a cute RomCom and feel like you guys are sitting together at a movie theatre. In case you are together, decorate an area of your room, place a projector, place fairy lights, have comfortable mattresses where you can cuddle and watch the movie. Have a supply of snacks and enjoy your movie night!

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Game Night 

Works well both in person and virtually. Get your games out, anything fun and daring. Have your favorite drinks, preferably the ones that make you tipsy soon enough, and get the game night going. This game night may start as a game of truth and dares, transform into two truths and a lie and soon become a karaoke night with you both singing duets holding glasses like mics. The final touch to this date will be by you guys sharing hangover morning drink recipes with each other! 

Dance Night

dance together lockdown dating ideas one

Image Credit- media.istockphoto

Sometimes all we need to get the spark back is get off the laptop, hold the hand of our partner and go cha cha cha! The power of a romantic dance is extremely underrated. If you both are great dancers then you will come closer with your coordinated steps and grip on each other. In case you both dance funny then the fits of laughter will ensure you have a beautiful time together!

Try these ideas to spark up your relationships in the lockdown! Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such content!

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