This is the time of the year when love is just not in the air but all over us. However, this year is different for us all given the pandemic which has made us all stay at home. All the Valentine's Day plannings that many have imagined in their heads, for their respective partners may not be going as is. In case you still have not planned anything and are planning a surprise at home then there is still scope! You can play around with the home decor and create that romantic atmosphere even at the last minute. 

Tanuja Rane, Interior designer and Founder of Tanuja & Associates told HerZindagi that the addition, combination of colours, plants and flowers, lights, dinner table decoration is what sets the mood. Here are some tips rolled out by her which can be easily tried to set the romantic mood. 

Flower Decor


Be it fresh or artificial flowers of good quality, they always enhance the look of a place. The advantage of the artificial ones is that they do not wither away and look good at all times. The fresh ones lose their charm very fast and are not sustainable either. 

Colour Play

The hues of different shades can make or break the atmosphere of your surroundings. If you go with hard ditting shades, the colours may or may not click with the romantic mood you are trying to set. Colours influence the minds of people. Go with shades which are ideal for creating the mood like hues of red and purple.

They do sound cliche but there is a reason why they are so popular. Red brings out the passion whereas purple is for calming the senses and bringing out the loyalty.  The right home decor in these hues will be just perfect. 

Table Decoration

table decor v day

It is not just the colours etc but also how you set the table for the delicious dinner you may have prepared for the love of your life! The dinner table is very important and the decor amps it up. We Indians anyway have a huge love for food and we connect most occasions with the right dish and decor on the table so why leave Valentine's Day behind? Bring out some pillar or stick candles, sprinkle some roses, throw in some candies and chocolates, well you know what your partner digs so go all out with your imagination!

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The Lights

lights v day

This is a universal fact that lights play a major roll in setting the mood. I personally connect the white tube light with study time and the mellow yellow with calmness. The fairy lights and dim lights bring out another side of us which most of us dig. Create that romantic mood and uplift the mood with lights. Fairy lights are neither too subtle and nor are they overboard. They are so versatile!

You can use some battery operated ones around the plants, few on the sheer curtains, some can be stuffed in the mason jars and placed around in the heart formation. You could also make a path with these lights like a trail to your partner's favourite corner of the house and build a little surprise around it. A lot can be done so get these lights quickly and plan the ultimate surprise. 

Stay tuned to HerZindagi and wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day.