India is a land of varied cultures and every day something fun and colourful keeps happening here. So much so that many people love to travel to India in order to experience that warmth and vibrance that ties us all together. 

In a recent event that has given many a reason to smile a couple from Madurai tied knot mid-air in a chartered plane just above the Meenakshi Temple. The couple’s wedding was being postponed for a very long time given the Covid restrictions in place so they organised a special wedding in a chartered plane. Read the complete story below:

More About The Event 

madurai wedding

On the 23rd of May 2021, a SpiceJet Boeing 737 was chartered by a Travel agency based in Madurai.  Actually, the couple had to postpone their wedding several times due to the limitations of wedding ceremonies. Rakesh and Dakshina rented a chartered plane for 2 hours for their unique wedding ceremony. They also invited 161 so that they could all rejoice their big day in the presence of their dearest and nearest ones. They were all warned about the COVID guidelines and had received permission in order to carry out a wedding joyride.

Guidelines Breach

madurai wedding

The ANI reported Madurai Airport Director S Senthil Velavan saying “A SpiceJet chartered flight was booked yesterday from Madurai. The Airport Authority officials are unaware of the mid-air marriage ceremony,"

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Madurai To Bengaluru

madurai wedding

The flight was taken from Madurai to Bengaluru and then back to Madurai.  The wedding ceremony was carried out on the first trip itself. The video from the event went viral on social media along with some pictures of the couple tying a knot in the plane. 

The video clearly shows how the rules and guidelines given by the government because of the pandemic, were floated and disregarded without following any social distancing norm. The Airline is now taking appropriate action against the party.

madurai wedding

The Tamil Nadu government had ordered for the lockdown till 31 May 2021 and people should not be breaking the rules as they are meant for their own protection. Coronavirus is claiming lives across the country and the world and it is high time that we get a little more cautious and responsible about the situations.  As per reports, the state of Tamil Nadu reported around 35, 483 positive cases and in such testing times, people not considering the consequences of their actions may lead to severe circumstances in the future. In this case, the Airline was derostered and then action against the family and friends who joined the couple despite the restrictions has been taken. 

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 (Image Courtesy: Twitter ANI, shethepeople)