We all, at some point in life, want to learn to play guitar because we think it is really cool. However only a very few people make it through and are actually able to gain command over the instrument while for others, it keeps lying like a showpiece in the corner of your room. 

We are not shaming you because we do understand that everyone's calling and processes are different.  But we are concerned about that guitar of yours, there are so many ways it can be repurposed and reused that you wouldn't regret not being able to learn it ever.  Therefore pick up your guitars and try the following ways to add life back to them.

DIY Bottle Stand

repurposing guitars

Well, your room would be transformed into a perfect party place if you'd make one if these at home. All you need is an old acoustic guitar, a driller, and some professional help from a carpenter. Start by taking off the strings of the guitar and tracing over a beautiful floral pattern on the guitar body with a pencil. 

Then take a few regular-sized bottles and trace the measurements of their base over the side. Then take your guitar to the carpenter and ask him to cut out and drill over some holes on the patterns and measurements you traced on its body. Once he is done add some necessary finishing touches, like the strings, a polish, etc and voila!

DIY Guitar Wall Clock

repurposing guitars

Another very simple way to revamp and repurpose your old guitars is to turn them into a musically inspired wall clock. To do this, you will have to get a diy clock kit, number stickers, and double-sided tape.

Take out all the strings of the guitar and polish it using any oil. Then take the clock machine and stick double side tape at its back leaving out a few inches from both the side, insert this inside the hole in the body and stick the tape carefully to it. Use more tape if needed. Carefully mark the locations for the numbers then attach the needles. Finally, set in a battery in the machine and set the right time. Hang your guitar clock in your favorite space.

DIY Guitar Stool 

To make this really cool guitar stool you need an old electric guitar with its body detached from the neck, then take an old stool and with the help of a strong adhesive and screws. Polish the guitar body and finish it off and you will be done.

Guitar Neck Hooks

repurposing guitars

Well, if you think your guitar isn't in the condition to be repurposed its neck region would most probably still be intact. So, you can go ahead and use that easily and make your own music-inspired hooks for hanging stuff. 

To make this project you will have to cut off the top of the neck of your guitar, after removing the strings of course, then attach black strings to give an illusion of the strings and attach a metal hook to the lower end of the neck and make sure it is sturdy enough.  Hang the hook in the place of your choice and voila!

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A Guitar Lamp

repurposing guitars

Repurpose a guitar into a beautiful lamp. All you have to do is find a heavy wooden candle stand, which could be old waste furniture then polish it before using it. After this pierce a hole in the bottom of the guitar and fix the candle stand after attaching with adhesive glue.  Finally, when it dries off, place a fairy light in the soundbox and switch it on. You can also beautify your guitar easily with wallpaper or leftover paint. 

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