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DIY: 5 Ways To Customise Your Clear Phone Case

If you are bored of your clear phone cover, then revamp it with these simple tricks.
transform clear phone case main

A clear phone case usually comes with the phone itself. While it serves the basic purpose of protecting your phone, it doesn’t give an aesthetic look. It looks plain and boring. We know that a cover is not to show off but just to protect your phone but what is the harm if it can do both things at the same time.

Also, we often keep important things like a metro card, some money and an ID in our phone covers and we don’t want anyone to see it due to privacy reasons and also, because it doesn’t look nice. So, what is the solution to all this?

There is one simple solution. Just customise your clear phone cover. Now, you would be wondering how to do it. Fret not, because we are here with some simple ways. With these easy tricks, you can change the look of your clear phone case at home with minimal effort. Trust me, it will look amazing and your phone cover will grab all the eyeballs.

Paint On it

paint transform clear phone case

Take your clear phone case and paint it to make it look aesthetic. Use acrylic colours to paint on it. There are many ways to transform the clear phone cover by using acrylic paint colours. Take a red paint colour and make small hearts all over it or any other figure you like.

If you want it to be basic, then just choose your favourite colour and paint it all over the phone cover and it is ready. To add some more drama to it, you can paint some figures over the solid colour. My favourite design is when you paint your phone cover with light blue colour and draw little clouds over it.

You can also write something using the paint colours such as your name or something that is special to you or ‘Boss Babe’ or ‘Pataka’ or a quote or anything that you like. Just make sure to use a pencil before you start painting as you don’t want to destroy your phone cover.

Use Beads

beads transform clear phone case

Another way to transform your clear phone case is by using beads or colourful stones. You can choose the beads in any colour that you like and paste it on the phone cover in a pattern. It is not necessary to stick it in a pattern; you can put it anywhere you like. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it and it looks classy.

You can either stick the beads directly on the phone cover or you can first paint it and then stick the beads. This will surely take your phone cover a notch higher and everyone will be asking you where you bought it.

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sticker transform clear phone case

This is really an interesting way to transform your clear phone cover. You don’t have to put in much effort for this one and your phone cover will look really good. Just buy your favourite stickers from the market and paste it on the phone cover in whatever way you like.

You can either put just one big sticker or several small stickers. It can be anything like a rainbow, quotes, sunglasses, food, cartoon characters, clouds, hearts, and many more. You can put how many stickers you like and I assure you that it will look amazing. This one is surely my favourite way to transform a phone cover.

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polaroid transform clear phone case

Another interesting way is to put a polaroid inside your clear phone case. Just click a polaroid and place it on the back of your phone and put your phone case over the picture. Make sure that it is facing towards the front and you can see the picture from outside the cover.

If you don’t have a polaroid camera, then worry not as we can tell you a way to get polaroid pictures without actually purchasing a polaroid camera because let’s face it, polaroid cameras are really expensive.

Just resize your image in the size of a polaroid and print it out on a glazed sheet and you have your very own polaroid picture without the camera. You can also use the polaroid filter on your image before printing it out and it will totally feel like a polaroid. Trust me, no one will know the truth.

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