How to Stop Checking Your Phone All The Time

Are you always checking your phone? Here are some tips to help you from not checking your phone continuously! 

Mahima Girotra
how to stop checking my phone

Using a phone has become addicting to many of us in the recent decade. Most of us have become very much reliant on a small tool which we call a cell phone. There are various types of cell phones available to us as commodities in the market today. Are you constantly checking your cell phone? Here are some ways that may help you from not checking your phone constantly!

Minimize Notifications

With a cell phone, comes a feature of notifications that pops up on your screen, time and now, with every update that your app catches.

With an app like Instagram or Facebook, every like on a picture is meant to give you an update. With every notification, an individual is bound to the circle of constantly using a cell phone. It’s the constant notifications that make you want to check your cell phone more often.

To minimize your use, you can switch on the ‘DND Mode’, which is now available on every cell phone. This mode allows you to keep away from your cell phone and allows through only important calls.

Get Rid Of Distracting Applications

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Having a cell phone means having multiple apps downloaded for many different purposes. You may have an app for work while you have another app for leisure.

While an individual is bored, he/she tends to shift to the miscellaneous apps for passing their time and end up using their phone for a long time, doing absolutely nothing.

Rather than wasting time on these miscellaneous applications, you may want to delete them.

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Don’t Use Your Phone Before Bed

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When we go to bed, most of us are engaged with our phones before we sleep. Many of us even switch off the lights and use our phones in the dark, which is not good as per experts.

Using a phone in the dark leads to deterioration of vision as the blue rays that are emitted from a cell phone are harmful to our health.

With using your phone right before bed, your mind is also constantly going about in a variety of directions, which causes a loss of sleep.

Set Limits On Your Phone


With new features coming every day in cell phones, we also have a feature to set limits to your screen time and the usage of a particular application to a set timer.

You can set a timer for a daily limit on any number of applications using your settings to create a custom setting according to your screen time per app.

This helps control your screen time and gives valuable time to more important things than miscellaneous applications that pre-exist in your cell phone.

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Keep Your Phone Away At Most Times

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While you are with your family or your friends, you may want to set your phone aside and actually spend some quality time with them.

It’s your friends and family that you want to stay connected to that you use a cell phone for, so try keeping it away at a far distance when you’re actually with them.

Social media has become a place that’s just not interactive but also super time-consuming naturally. It keeps you constantly engrossed while you may wish you could do other things.

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