Sometimes even small home decor things can cost a lot. And this why, we mostly end up lacking all the essential home furnishings. Most of us don't have side tables installed next to our seating. This can prove to be a design and decor blunder for and your guests. So, if you are an innovator, interior decorator or just a regular person on the lookout for easy and beautiful side tables. We will help you out with the most amazing idea of creating your own side table using old plastic bottles and some fabric.

So, let's take a look at some simple steps to make the perfect budget-friendly side table for your home.

First, See Everything You Need


To begin with, here's everything that you will be needing:

  • A wood stapler
  • A hot glue gun
  • 20-25 plastic bottles same size
  • A thick brown tape
  • Plastic sheet
  • Velvet fabric
  • Hardboard 
  • Designer laces
  • Small metallic table stands 
  • Mirrors 
  • Spray paints 
  • A small table spread

Bottle It Up

So start by joining 2 plastic bottles from the bottom with the help of the glue gun. Turn the bottle upside down, apply glue on the flatter end and then take another bottle and stick firmly onto the base.  Now, do this for all the bottles. You will have small pillars of bottles and we need to make 20 pillars. So, repeat the same process and after you're done let them dry and then make 4 bunches of 5 pillars each.

Tape The Bottles Together

The next step is to start taping all the bottles together.  Separate the bunches and taking 5 pillars, stick them firmly using a thick tape. Cover all the entire area so that there is no scope of movement or breakage. Tape all the other bunches too. Then bring all the bunches together align them and then again use a tape to fix them all together in one place. You have succeeded in creating the stand of the table, great going!

Adding The Hardboard Top

Now cover the bottles with cardboard sheets and secure with glue and tape. After covering the entire body, you will have and closed cuboid.  Then cover this structure with a plastic sheet make sure to stick it firmly with glue and staples.  Afterward, stick the Hardboard top on the cuboid using a very strong adhesive and paint it black using spray paints.  Coat another layer of paint over the hardboard top.

Give Your Table The Final Touches


After some time, cover the lower body of the table(the cuboid)  with velvet fabric nicely to give you table a nice and regal feel. Stick it on the lower structure using the wood stapler.  Then, decorate the table (How to make a diy table cover) with lace and stick on to it firmly. Next, take the metallic stands and paint them black too and decorate with mirrors and beads.  Stick these on the bottom of the table to make sure the table remains unharmed.

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Make Sure To Match The Table With Interiors


Finally, lay the table spread over the table keep small plants and coasters to increase the appeal of your masterpiece and let it capture the attention of all your guests. Just remember to choose the right blending shade for your table that matches with the interiors of the room and you're done! Your DIY(best out of waste DIY projects) side table is ready.

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