Living in a world where we can get cheap alternatives for expensive things feels like a boon but it actually is not as it gives scope to replicating items, products, and things and selling them at the price of the original one, conning customers and making more money from all these malpractices. Such practices cause corruption and exploitation of people which is why they must be stopped at all costs. 

But in addition to that is also important for us customers to understand and be awake, aware and conscious of our decisions about buying things. One of the most commonly faked items is a copper bottle/utensil as it is a metal and people cannot really find out easily if it's real or not. However, we are here to tell you all about how to identify an original copper bottle and be safe from being conned.

The Magnet Test 

how to test original copper

One of the easiest ways of determining if a metal is a real copper or not is by doing a magnet test. Copper isn’t magnetic and thus doesn’t have the property of attracting a magnet like iron. So, if you place a near the bottle and the magnet doesn’t get attracted then you know it's real copper. However, try a few other tests to make sure you’re absolutely correct.

The Colour

An original copper bottle is likely to display a pinkish tone on its surface. However, the problem arises when copper metal becomes dirty and old and starts exhibiting an orange, red or yellowish tone then it becomes really difficult to find out if it's real or fake. So, in this case, make sure to clean(how to clean silverware) the copper bottle properly with the help of professional products and if it does end up showing a pink undertone then you have original copper at your hand.

The Dark Spots

how to test original copper

When copper comes in contact with water and oxygen it starts going through slow chemical reactions which end up turning it dark green in some areas.  So, if you see any dark mark, make sure it is a bit greenish in colour. If not then you will instantly come to know the copper you’re holding is not genuine.

The Sound Test Of Copper

Another easy way to determine if your copper bottle is real or not is to test its sound.  Copper is one of the most delicate metals and thus us very hard to work with without getting it dented. This further means that you can press the copper with your uncovered hands and can easily end up denting the metal. Also, while making the dent you can strike a thump on its surface and then tune in a sound. If the sound turns out to be profound and smooth then it is real copper whereas if the sound is sharp and tinny is it ingenuine.

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Calculate With Multimeter

how to test original copper

1.7 x 10⁻⁸ Ohm/meter resistance rating so, that makes it one of the other ways to be tested. Purchase a multimeter from a local home store and attach it to the metal. Once the multimetter is connected it will start displaying the resistance of the metal attached. If the resistance is 1.7 x 10⁻⁸ Ohm/meter then you can be sure of holding a copper bottle. 

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So, try these above methods and let us know which one worked for you. If you liked reading this article then stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more.