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How To Get Maximum Flowers On A Rose Plant In Summers?

During the summer, the rose plant requires extra attention. These tips can help your rose plant produce a lot of blossoms.
Published -04 Jun 2022, 10:30 ISTUpdated -04 Jun 2022, 12:37 IST
How To Grow More Rose Flower In Rose Plant In Summer

Summer is a wonderful time for many plants to bloom, however roses are not one of them. Rather, rose plants require extra conditioning throughout this season to stay healthy; otherwise, they can fail to produce enough flowers or worse, they could die.

However, caring for rose plants is not difficult. You can get a lot of rose flowers from the plant by just paying attention to a few factors. Take a look at how you can get a lot of rose blossoms from your plant by following some simple tips.

1. Pruning

rose plant in summer

The rose plant is one of the plants in which fungus easily gets caught and it starts to deteriorate. Even though the summer season isn't for rose plants,  you need to prune them all the time. If the leaves are yellowing, remove them and clip the plant from above so that it is thicker at the bottom and less concerned with expanding in length at the top. By doing this, the plant becomes dense and it does not perish as quickly.

2. Apply Turmeric On The Cuts

This is a very indigenous trick, but it works very well. The fungus grows quickly in the rose plant, and if you cut the plant from above and leave it like way, it may become infected with fungus. Instead, combine some turmeric with water and apply it to the cut area of the plant. This prevents fungus from infecting the plant and ensures that it does not get spoiled again. You may lengthen the life of your plant this way.

3. How To Water The Plant?

Both too much and too little water are damaging to the plant. Roses do not necessitate a lot of water. It should only be watered when the soil above it appears to be dry. If you water the rose plant every day, the leaves will turn yellow and fall off, and the plant's roots will become infected with fungus. If the plant is maintained in direct sunlight and the soil becomes dry on a daily basis, it should be watered daily; otherwise, it should not..

Keep in mind when watering that the soil should not become fully dry and stone-like, nor should it continually be damp.

4. Organic Fertilizer

grow roses in summers

Organic fertilisers are good for plants. Banana peel fertiliser, tea fertiliser, and other organic fertilisers perform wonders for rose plants.

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5. Sunshine

Do not make the common mistake of keeping the rose in direct sunlight. The rose plant requires less sunshine, and if it receives too much, it will produce fewer flowers. Ideally, they get 2-3 hours of sunlight per day, which is sufficient for them. 

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6. Take care of insects

Insects can come on rose plant very quickly. you must apply neem oil to them once a month. Neem powder can be sprinkled on the soil. You can also sprinkle neem powder in the soil. In this way the rose will be protected from insects and pests.

These tips will help you in growing and maintaining a healthy rose plant. When a plant grows in a healthy way, you will see a lot of rose flowers blooming.

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