Our winter closet isn’t really ready without a velvet dress. Velvet dresses are truly timeless and it is an important fabric for our winter fashion. This is because it is stylish and gives a regal look along with keeping us warm.

We do love these dresses but some are not sure how to clean these properly to prepare them for the next wear. As velvet is made with so many components like silk, cotton, nylon, wool and others, therefore, it requires special attention. So, here are directions to clean your velvet dress properly.

Ways To Clean A Velvet Dress

dry cleaning clean velvet

Stretchy knit velvet dresses as well as very fine weaved velvet dresses must be dry cleaned by professionals. However, crushed velvet can be washed at home. You can either hand wash it or machine wash.

In order to clean a velvet dress properly, here are the correct ways.

Remove Wrinkles By Steaming

steam clean velvet

Light wrinkles can be easily removed by hanging the dress in a steamy bathroom. After steaming, you have to use a soft cloth brush and lightly brush it from top to bottom.

For best results, you should use a steamer to freshen your dress. This will easily remove all the wrinkles at home without going to the cleaners.

When you are using a steamer, you shouldn’t hold it too close to the dress or stay at a place for too long. This way you might damage the fabric.

Never Iron Velvet

dress clean velvet

Never iron velvet as it can crush the pile of the tiny fibres that you can feel when you brush your hand over the piece of velvet clothing. Therefore, velvet should only be steamed and not ironed.

If you use an iron to remove wrinkles, then you should only allow the steam to penetrate the fabric. You should be very careful as to not place the iron face flat directly on the fabric.

Homemade Stain Remover

If your velvet dress has a stain, then you can easily clean it at home. Just mix baking soda with lemon juice and apply it on the stain. This two ingredient mixture should be diluted before application. Before you use it on the stain,  you should make sure to do a patch test on your dress.

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Machine Wash

wash clean velvet

Some velvet items can be washed in machine wash. The clothing labels will give you clear instructions on whether it is safe to wash it in the machine or not. Velvet fabrics are usually stretchy, so you should avoid washing it in the hot water, otherwise the dress might shrink. Washing in the cold water is the clean way to clean a velvet dress.

Dry Cleaning

If your velvet dress is 100% pure which is a blend of acetate and viscose blend, then it is best to get it dry cleaned so that it doesn’t get spoiled.

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How To Store Velvet Dress

Velvet dresses should always be hung in your closet and should not be folded. When it is folded, there will be creases on the dress that will be difficult to remove. You should use a sturdy and padded hanger to hang your dress.

When you are storing for a longer period of time, it is best to cover the dress in a breathable and washable fabric storage bag. However, plastic is not recommended for storage as it can trap moisture which will in turn damage fibres and promote mildew growth in some areas. Also, the place you are storing it in should be cool and dry as well as it shouldn’t have any major temperature changes.

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