Most of us have plastic reusable water bottles at home but over time they become dirty and have grime collecting in the base. So here are a few steps and tips that will help you clean all the reusable water bottles at home and save you from investing in new ones. 

To deep clean a water bottle, here are some easy steps you need to take:

Method 1

bottle one

  • Take some very hot water and fill your bottle.
  • Seal the bottle, shake and throw half of the water.
  • Add a few drops of a good and effective liquid soap, close the bottle and shake well until you see some lather. 
  • Once done, pour out the liquid and rinse thoroughly.
  • Keep the bottle upside down and let it dry. 
  • Rinse again and reuse. 

Method 2

baking soda bottle

  • In 4 liters of water, mix a teaspoon bleach and another teaspoon of baking soda. 
  • Leave the liquid solution in the bottle overnight. 
  • In the daytime, pour out the solution and rinse thoroughly. 
  • Let the bottles dry and rinse again. 

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Method 3

  • Mix two bottle caps of vinegar in hot water.
  • Pour the solution into the bottle and keep a little in a bowl to soak the lid as well. 
  • Let the solutions do their work for 30 minutes and if possible, leave them overnight. 
  • Scrub the inside with the water still inside, with a bottle brush. 
  • Use a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol to clean the bottle mouth and the lid and then rinse well. 
  • Let the bottle dry. 

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Top Tips to Choose the Best Reusable Bottle

bottle two

  • Buy a bottle that is made using safe ingredients. It must not have BPA or Bisphenol A which is a chemical used to make the bottles hard. It is said t have lead to health disorders. It is best to invest in stainless steel bottles or copper ones.
  • Get an insulated water bottle. This keeps the water cold or hot and doesn't burn your fingers either. 
  • Invest in a bottle with a big mouth or wide mouth as it gets easier to clean. 
  • Make sure the bottle is leak-resistant to avoid accidents in your purse, bag. 

So what kind of bottle do you plan on buying? You can buy a glass bottle but they can break so beware. 

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