Most of us have been working from home for more than a year now, hooked to our laptops days and night. Tell me honestly, when was the last time you cleaned your laptop? 

We often neglect cleaning and disinfecting our laptops but it is high time we do! If you are a working professional, you know you spend the maximum amount of time with your lappy through the day and yes, it deserves some attention. 

Right from sipping our first cup of coffee to bingeing on our favourite snacks, we do all of it with the laptop by our side. With time, food particles, grime, dust start to accumulate on the surface of our laptop. 

To clean all the gunk and give your laptop a brand new look once again, here we have a quick cleaning guide for you. 

Step 1: Unplug And Remove Battery

Before you begin to clean your laptop, make sure you unplug the charger and shut the system down. Remove the battery if your laptop has a removable battery and keep it aside. 

Step 2: Use A Microfiber Cloth

microfiber cloth to clean laptop

Always use a microfiber cloth to clean the laptop or any other electronic gadget. It is very soft and doesn't leave any streaks. Fold the cloth start rubbing it gently over the screen and keyboard. Make sure you don't press the cloth too hard on the screen or you can end up damaging your laptop's screen. Keep the pressure really light and just wipe off all the dust from the surface. 

Step 3: Clean With A Damp Sponge

Dip a sponge in distilled water and squeeze it out. Make sure there is no water dripping. Wipe your screen gently with this sponge. Use very light pressure. Use the sponge to wipe the keyboard. 

If there are any stubborn spots on the laptop screen or keyboard, you can use some dish soap. In some water, add a drop of dish soap and mix. Dip the sponge in this water and squeeze the water out. Use the sponge to clean. 

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Step 4: Use Rubbing Alcohol

rubbing alcohol laptop

If you still spot gunk or any oily residue on the keyboard or laptop screen, you can use some rubbing alcohol. Dip a microfiber cloth in the rubbing alcohol and gently wipe the keyboard and screen. 

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Step 5: Wipe With Clean Cloth

clean cloth wiping laptop

Lastly, wipe the laptop screen and keyboard with a clean microfiber cloth in a circular motion. 

Some Quick Tips

If you are unable to get rid of food particles or dust from the keyboard then you can shake the laptop upside down. However, this can be tricky. First, hold your laptop properly and then turn it upside down. Shake the laptop to get rid of any food residue. Make sure you do it gently. 

A toothbrush or Q-tip can be used to clean any build-up between the keys. You can also dip the Q-tip or toothbrush in rubbing alcohol and then use it to wipe the keyboard. 

Don't forget to clean the USB, memory chip ports while cleaning your laptop. You can use a Q-tip to clean these ports. 

We hope these tips help you clean and disinfect your laptop properly. For more such cleaning tips, stay tuned!