Comforters or blankets are essential in every household. We can't really imagine sleeping without them. Just like any other clothing, blankets and comforters need to be cleaned regularly. With time, these comforters accumulate a lot of dirt and dust and demand washing. 

Most of us think it is a big task to wash our blanket at home and usually give it for dry cleaning which costs a whopping amount. So, if you are hunting for an easy, inexpensive way to clean your blankets, we have a quick guide for you. Read on. 

Step 1: Fill A Tub With Cold Water And Washing Detergent

washing detergent blankets

In a big tub, fill water and add detergent. You can use any detergent according to the cleansing your blanket requires. Make sure you don't fill the tub too much. The water should be enough to cover the blanket. The water will start to get soapy. 

Step 2: Use A Brush To Clean The Blanket

right way to clean blanket

Using a soft bristle brush, start scrubbing the blanket. Make sure you don't any leave any section of the blanket. Be very gentle as you use a brush to get rid of any stains, dust. Do this till you see that the blanket has got completely clean. 

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Step 3: Squeeze Out The Excess Water

Now that the blanket is clean, squeeze out the water. Keep folding the blanket two-three times to remove the water completely. It is best you press the blanket and not wring it because it can ruin the fabric.

Step 4: Dip In Plain Water

tips blanket cleaning

After squeezing out the water, it is important you dip the blanket in plain water to get rid of all the detergent. Drain the tub and refill it with fresh water. You can do it a couple of times to remove the soap completely. 

Step 5: Dry The Blanket

Now, this can be a little tricky if you don't get enough sunlight at your home but then you can do it in a washing machine. 

If drying in direct sunlight, simply clip it and let it dry. If drying in a washing machine set the dryer at a low heat setting. Load the blanket in the dryer. Make sure the blanket is evenly spread or the dryer won't work properly. 

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Remember that it can take a few hours but remove it from sunlight or dryer quickly or overdrying can lead to shrinkage of the fabric in some cases. 

A good trick to dry your blanket quickly is to roll it between dry towels. The towels will soak any moisture present in the blankets. 

Also remember that the cleaning of your blankets largely depends on their fabric. All cotton, fleece and woolen blankets can be washed at home following this guide but the drying and cleansing can differ due to the fabric. Do keep that in mind. 

Some blankets are dry clean only and it might not be a good idea to clean them at home as you may end up spoiling the fabric. In this case, it is best you take it to a professional dry cleaner. Other regular comforters, blankets can be cleaned at home. However, make sure you be very gentle while cleaning them. 

We hope this guide helps you clean your blankets properly at home. For more such cleaning tips, stay tuned!