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Is Your Phone Call Being Secretly Recorded? Check It Using This Method

You can find out if your call is being recorded or not by following a few simple steps.
Published -20 May 2022, 17:20 ISTUpdated -20 May 2022, 17:28 IST
  • Lakshita Singh
  • Editorial
  • Published -20 May 2022, 17:20 ISTUpdated -20 May 2022, 17:28 IST
Is Your Phone Call Being Secretly Recorded

These days, phone calls get recorded, which is extremely harmful for a variety of reasons. It's especially bad if you're sharing something private or important with someone, because no one wants their information to be leaked and misused. However, you can avoid this issue if you know that your call is getting recorded. If you are suspecting that your phone call is being recorded or just want to make sure that it doesn't happen, you can follow the following steps to know for sure:

Google Banned All Call Recording Apps

call recording

First and foremost, Google has prohibited all call recording apps, which is great news. This means that any app with a call recording function on the Play Store will be banned. However, nothing has changed for inbuilt call recording features on phones. Your calls can still be recorded with this.

Google has been against call recording apps and services for some years. Call recording, according to the IT giant, is a violation of users' privacy. For the same reason, their own Dialer app now features a loud and clear “this call is now being recorded” alert . Now, before any recording begins, both sides hear the alert clearly.

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How To Know If Your Call Is Being Recorded

Ways To Check My Call Is Recorded

However there are many other ways by which one can record your calls. If you think you are being recorded, this is how you can know for sure:

Continuous Sound Of Beep

If while talking on a call, you are hearing the sound of beep constantly it could be a sign that your call is being recorded.

It is illegal in many countries to record someone's call without their knowledge, which is why most mobile phone makers include a beep sound in their devices. So, when someone records a call, the beep tone is heard again and again.

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