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    Have A Swimming Pool At Home? Here's A Guide To Maintaining It Right

    Planning to get a swimming pool at home but worried about its maintenance? Don't worry, here is all you need to know about maintaining your pool.
    Updated at - 2021-06-30,17:55 IST
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    Earlier, having a swimming pool at home used to be a distant dream for many because of the high cost and regular maintenance required to keep the pool in a good shape. But now people have started giving fitness and their well-being more priority and see swimming pools not as a luxurious possession but as a tool to help them feel fitter without having to step out of their home.

    Also, earlier people who had pools at home found it hard to maintain them and so they had to call over an expert to do so, which cost them more money. However now, you can maintain the pool on your own with this easy guide so, read on and find out all you need to know.

    The Equipment You Need

    maintaining your swimming pool

    • The most basic equipment is the one that administers the levels of chlorine in the water. Chlorine is very important for the pool as it prevents the inhibition of viruses and bacterial growth and keeps the water sanitised.  You can install a saltwater system that automatically detects the chlorine levels in water and creates its own chlorine. Although the system might be a bit costly, it will prevent a lot of hassle later.
    • Further, you need to keep testing the alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness of your pool regularly, using advanced pool equipment available at all pool supply stores.  
    • Apart from that, a pool vacuum cleaner is also a great device that can help you get rid of the dirt accumulated on the floor of your pool.
    • Finally, a skimmer basket and brush are what you need to remove the floating objects in the pool.

    What You Have To Do

    maintaining your swimming pool

    • Using your pool vacuum, you have to clean the pool at least once a week. Also, clean your pump that fills the pool with water by attaching the hose of the cleaner to it.
    • Further, pulling out the surface-level dirt and waste that gets on the pool like leaves or dead insects, etc you can easily clean it all with the help of a skimmer and brush. This must be done at least twice- thrice a week for best maintenance.
    • The next important step is to clean the pool filter, which is a device that is installed with your pool that helps in filtering out the unwanted particles in the pool. You should clean the filter every week so, that it can keep functioning efficiently.
    maintaining your swimming pool
    • Make sure to shock your pool every week. Shocking is the process of adding hard chemicals that clean the water instantly, killing all the microbial growth.
    • When it rains, there is a risk of algae being formed in your pool so, you must be careful to add algaecide to the water in order to keep it safe.
    • Also, apart from keeping the water clean, you must keep in mind to clean the pool deck too. Because the dirt from the surface could dirty the pool water. So, use your brush and a soap base to get rid of all the dirt on the deck every 3 days.

    Maintaining The Pool During Off-Season

    • Start by addressing any leaks, damage, cracks before closing the pool for the off-season as cold temperatures could worsen its condition.
    • Empty the pool or lower the water level and cover the pool with a firm plastic sheet that will help youkeep the pool protected and restore it in the perfect condition when the time comes.
    • And finally, keep checking for any tears or cuts in the pool cover in-between weeks and take the necessary action as soon as possible to avoid damaging the pool.

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