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Role Reversal: Haryana Bride Defies Norms By Bringing Baarat To The Groom's House On A Horse

In another instance of bride defying norms, a bride in Haryana went to the groom’s house riding a horse to marry him.
Published -09 Feb 2022, 14:45 ISTUpdated -09 Feb 2022, 14:53 IST
  • Lakshita Singh
  • Editorial
  • Published -09 Feb 2022, 14:45 ISTUpdated -09 Feb 2022, 14:53 IST
haryana bride on horse

We have seen in Indian weddings, the bridegroom ride a horse to the wedding venue (usually the bride's house), accompanied by his family members and relatives. But a bride in Haryana decided to defy the norms. 

She flipped the gender roles in her wedding as she went to the groom's house with a sword in her hand and by riding a horse to marry him. The ‘baraat’ with her father, mother and other relatives accompanied her. They were then welcomed by the boy’s family.

Bride Riding Horse Broke Myths

The bride, Priya is a law graduate. She informed the press that she was overjoyed and that her childhood desire had come true.

"I am extremely happy. This occassion usually comes in the life of boys. But in our house, my parents have raised me like a boy."

Narinder Aggarwal, the girl's father, stated that he wanted to debunk the myth that girls are inferior to boys.

Priya said that her father was the one who encouraged her to pursue a career in law despite the fact that many in her family were against it.

"When I wanted to pursue law, a lot of people in my family told me that girls shouldn't pursue law. But my dad told everybody that he will ensure that I study law and become an advocate," she told the media.

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Brides Shattering Stereotypes

Weddings are extremely important in Indian culture. It's a joyful function to attend, but for those who plan their weddings, there's a big list of Do's and Don'ts on the wedding day, especially for brides. The society in which we live appears to be obsessed with pointing out wrongdoings, wringing their hands over the lack of bridal'sanskaar' (morals), and ensuring that their elaborate yet completely superfluous opinions on everything are voiced out.

But Brides like Priya, who choose to defy the norms and refuse to let people and society making the decision for their wedding, are contributing to a better world for the future brides. They, by deciding themselves what they want to do, rather than letting their gender decide their actions are making a change that will go a long way.

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What do you think about the terrific bride and gender roles in weddings? Do share your thoughts with us by commenting on our Facebook or Instagram page. for more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi!


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