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  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial, 23 Apr 2022, 09:00 IST

Tips For Parents To Resolve Conflict Between Siblings

Do your kids fight? By celebrating the individuality of your kids, you can manage sibling rivalry. Read on!
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial, 23 Apr 2022, 09:00 IST
family of four

Parents who have two or more kids at home would know the troubles of sibling rivalry. It is almost inevitable in a house with kids. However, parents can manage the fights with just a few quick tips. The tricks below will help you maintain peace in the house. Take a look!

What Must Parents Do To Minimise Sibling Rivalry?

Go With Fair Treatment Instead Of Equal

Fairness is above equality when it comes to resolving conflicts between kids. Whether you want to punish a kid or reward the child, the decision must be fair. If one of the two kids is wrong, you must punish the child who started the fight.

If you punish the one who has not done anything wrong, you would be fuelling the fight. The same goes for the reward. If you are offering a gift to one child, make sure it is age-appropriate.

Try To Create Balanced Environment At Home

little kids fighting

If you favour one kid over the other or compare your children, it would encourage competition among them. In such a way, parents will not be setting any good example for their munchkins.

Instead, show your kids how to interact. Parents should communicate with each other in front of kids and set an example of a cooperative work environment. If the mother and father fight in front of kids, siblings will learn the same thing and follow footsteps of their parents.

Take Out Time To Spend With Family

In today’s era, almost every household has both working parents. If one is not working outside, then they have a lot to work and care for at home. Among all the household hassles, parents must take out time to spend with kids.

A fun activity with kids will allow them to indulge in playful banter. They will enjoy and forget about any fight they had in the past. It will also help your children create a happy memory in their minds.

Parents Must Stay Poised 

If your kids are fighting, it does not mean that you would start shouting and throwing things around. When parents are calm (yoga poses for kids to stay calm) and in control of their emotions, it becomes easier for them to control the sibling rivalry. 

Celebrate Individuality Of Your Kids

Like no two fingers of your hands are identical; similarly, siblings are not reflections of each other. Therefore, parents must celebrate the individual characteristics of their kids. 

One of your kids might be good at maths, while the other might excel in history. It is important that you figure out the strengths of your children, focus on them and reward them for work done well.

How Can Parents Resolve Conflict Between Siblings?

Listening Is The Key

family meeting

Listening is the key for any relationship to flourish. If you do not hear out your kids, you will never know the reason behind their fight or what is bothering them. It is crucial to narrow down the cause of aggression between siblings before you can put out the fire.

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Introduce Family Meeting 

Parents must introduce their kids (overcome picky eating phase in toddlers) to a family meeting every month or a week. We have meetings in the office to talk about progress and potholes in a project. Similarly, parents and kids must sit together to talk about what is bothering them in the house and how each member can be helpful.

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Keep Problem-Solving Tools At Home

If your kids are small, you can indulge in problem-solving games or give them building blocks to construct something new. It will teach them to compromise in a situation or subconsciously feed them about the struggles of building a relationship with any human. It is a positive way to teach kids a few life lessons.

We hope this article was helpful for parents. Stay tuned with HerZindagi for more such articles.


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