How To Make A DIY Cat House Along With Your Kids

Looking to make your cat a house? Here’s a whole guide for you!

Mahima Girotra
diy cat house

Cats are such precious and cute pets, and everybody that owns one knows how cuddly this furry friend can get. People get cats for very different reasons, but we all agree that they are lovely animals.

For whatever reason you got your cat, it is the responsibility of every cat owner to be responsible and take good care of the pet. The advantage that cats will always have over any other pet is that they are very independent and therefore less maintenance is involved.

This DIY can be customized in many ways so the sky's the limit! The most important thing is your base.

Things You’ll Need

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  • Cardboard
  • Knife
  • Metal Ruler
  • Glue
  • Craft Paint
  • Measuring Tape

Plan Your Design

Pre-plan your design on paper and mention dimensions to lessen the burden on yourself.

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Step By Step Guide

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  1. Using a box cutter, remove two lateral side flaps of the box very carefully not to ruin them as they will come in handy later on. If you do not have a box cutter, you can use the scissors, but the box cutter produces better results.
  2. Cover the bottom part of the box very carefully; it is advisable to use the painter’s tape because unlike the other ordinary tapes; this one proves to be so easy to paint. That is, it will not leave distinctive lines after you have painted the whole box.
  3. When the bottom is tightly sealed, return the box to an upright position. The bottom needs to be sealed because it will act as a floor so the house could be easily carried without emptying the contents.
  4. This is where the tape measure and ruler come in handy. You need to expertly cut the two remaining flaps into triangular shapes as they need to act as the roof holder.
  5. They have to be proportional and the same to each other so first of all, ensure you identify the center of the flop before cutting in shape.
  6. Turn the box on its sides and choose the broader side, cut an entrance there in any door shape that you like as long as you make it wide enough for your cat. The best way to do this without making a mistake is to draw the door first.
  7. Do not completely cut off the door, leave it in a manner that can be opened and closed. The same rules apply when designing the windows, but for the windows, if you want either square or round designs, you have to get something of that shape so that you can use it to trace a shape on the box with a pencil.
  8. The utility knife will help you bring inner window panes; you can decide to have both window shapes in your house. It will be beautiful.
  9. Now that you are done with the hard part, you should make the house attractive by painting it with the colors that you wish. You should be very careful with the edges, so you need to have different sizes of brushes.
  10. You should also do some drawing on the walls. When it comes to the roof, decorating it will entirely depend on you and if you have extra cardboard to make shingles.

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