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Gardening: Mistakes You Should Avoid For A Beautiful Garden

If you want to be surrounded by greenery, then avoid these gardening mistakes.
Published -16 Feb 2022, 17:02 ISTUpdated -16 Feb 2022, 17:16 IST
gardening mistakes main

Who doesn’t love a nice garden in front of their house. However, it is not easy to grow a beautiful garden with greenery and colourful flowers. A lot of efforts go into gardening and it is a tricky process. You need to keep a lot of things in mind.

People often make small mistakes that can destroy the whole garden. These mistakes should be avoided at all costs. To avoid these common mistakes, you should first know them. So, here is a list of common mistakes that you should avoid.

Wrong Watering Technique

watering gardening mistakes

If you are watering your plants from the above instead of the roots, then your plants are not getting enough water. It is essential to give water to the roots of the plants.

Along with the style of watering, the time of watering your plants is also extremely important. Watering the plants while it is sunny outside will not only lead to the loss of moisture but can also damage the plants. Therefore, you should water your plants either early in the morning or at night.

Over Watering

Plants are also living organisms; therefore, they also need air to breathe just like any other living organism. Thus, they need air pockets in the soil to breathe. However, if the air pockets are filled with water, then your plants might drown. Therefore, you should not water them too much. Instead, water them at regular intervals, thus, giving them time to breathe.

Not Pruning The Plants

trimming gardening mistakes

In layman language, pruning means trimming the dead end cells of a plant for healthy growth. In order to get a healthy plant (benefits of spider plant), it is essential that you get rid of the dead ends. Along with this, it gives the stems a better chance at giving fruitful results. It is important to get rid of dead ends because it will take away the energy from the plants that can be used by them.

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Climatic Conditions

Climatic conditions are one of the most important aspects to be taken into consideration while planting. This is because climate plays an important role in the ripening of the plants. It is important that you plant in a climate where it gets the chance to grow. It is best to take an expert's opinion on this matter and research extensively about the same. A wrong climate can hamper the growth of the plant.

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Wrong Placement

Some plants need direct sunlight for healthy growth. If such plants are planted under the shade instead of direct sunlight, then you won’t get the desired results and the growth of the plant will hamper. The right amount of sunlight will nourish the plant.

Along with this, putting plants extremely close is a wrong practice. Ignoring the amount of space needed by the plants to grow may lead to diseases. These diseases can be transferred from one plant to another, thus ruining all the plants. Also, putting the plants too close will not give them space to grow. Therefore, it is important to keep enough space between two plants.

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