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Add Fun To Your 2022 Holi Celebration With These Games

Do you know any games that include colourful water balloons and pani-puri? Take a look!
Published -26 Mar 2021, 12:00 ISTUpdated -12 Mar 2022, 16:46 IST
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Holi is fast approaching but are all your plans in place? Are you just going to sit at home and watch the TV? How about turning it into a fun event with some games? This will involve all the members of the family and with Holi food and drinks going around, it can turn out to be a good party even at home with a few people. Checkout the different games that you can play.

Relay With The Sponge

This is a fun game where you play the relay game but with a wet sponge.

How To Play

  • Fill and place a bucket with water where the starting line is and an empty one on the other end. 
  • Keep around 4 feet distance.
  • All the players have to do is load the sponge with water and then run to the empty jar and squeeze it out. Keep doing this with a timer on and the one who collects the most water wins. 

Mugging It

You need a mug and make holes in it along with a bucket.

How To Play

  • Make teams and draw the start and finish line.
  • Keep a bucket of water near the beginning line and an empty one on the finish line.
  • The first player has to fill the water in a mug with holes and keep it on his or her head and run to the finish line and pour what is left in the bucket. 
  • Then the player runs back to the start line and hands the mug to the other player.
  • Keep a time limit to add fun and the competition is on how empty the stomach is. 

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Water Balloons Tossing


You just need water balloons and teams

How To Play

  • Make pairs. Draw a line and make one of the two stand with a bucket of water balloons.
  • The second one has to maintain a 2 feet distance with an empty bucket tied to the back.
  • The first one then has to throw the balloons to the second one and the second one has to toss them in the bucket behind them. 
  • The balloons must not fall on the ground and will not be counted. 
  • Keep a time limit is 2 minutes.

Gajra Making


Did you know Mogra flowers benefit your skin? Well! Apart from multiple benefits, they are a perfect and fragrant items that you can use for a Holi game. This one involves non-professional Gajra making irrespective of the gender to be very clear.

How To Play

This can be a couple game or between friends but it is a lot of fun. You hand over a bunch of flowers, a thread and needle to the goofiest partner between two people and set a timer. The one who makes the garland the fastest and puts it around the other person's neck is the winner. 

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Golgappa Competition

golgappa making

How To Play

Remember Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi? When Tani partner and Raj have that fun competition over who eats the most Golgappas! You can do this too and it can also be done between just 2 friends! Get a lot of gol gappas and make the water and chutney. This sorts your lunch too! Being one of the popular street food items in India, you can easily find them at any chat vendor.

Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such fun elements that can be added to your Holi celebrations.

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