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From Skateboarding To Cartwheeling, These Women Prove That You Can Do Anything Wearing A Saree

From skateboarding to cartwheeling in a saree, these women show us how the six yards isn't restrictive at all.
Published -10 Jun 2022, 11:24 ISTUpdated -10 Jun 2022, 12:04 IST
skateboarding women in saree

Saree is a gorgeous attire that Indian women have been wearing for centuries, which many people believe to be very restrictive, looking at it. If you believe the same thing, take a look at the wonderful women below in saree performing anything from cartwheeling to skating. If you think this clothing is uncomfortable, maybe it's time to re-think.

1. Larissa D'Sa

Larissa D'Sa, a lifestyle blogger and YouTuber, recently shared an Instagram post that has been giving us major goals. In the post, she can be seen skateboarding in a saree. The video's aesthetic is further enhanced by the stunning landscape. 

2. Parul Arora

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A post shared by Parul Arora💫 (@parul_cutearora)

In 2021, a video of gymnast Parul Arora doing cartwheels, backflips, and other tricks while wearing a saree made headlines. Cartwheeling requires a lot of coordination and movements but she made it look very easy. Once the video was posted, it went viral and received a lot of praises from the social media world.

3. Eshna Kutty

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A post shared by Eshna Kutty (@eshnakutty)

Eshna Kutty, a hula hoop artist from Delhi, went viral on social media in 2019 when she posted a video of herself hula hooping to the Delhi 6 song 'Genda Phool' while wearing a saree and sneakers. We’re pretty sure that her graceful performance to this song with a hula hoop, inspired young girls to wear a saree more often.

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4. Sharvari Inamdar

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A post shared by Dr. Sharvari Inamdar (@inamdarsharvari)

A video of professional powerlifter Sharvari Inamdar lifting weights and doing exercises in a saree impressed the netizens. The video was shared in 2021 which went viral. In the video, she looks extremely comfortable doing exercises while wearing a traditional Marathi saree along with a nose pin, and some jewellery.

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