Making friends is not easy for an introvert, and if you are one of them, you must be special. They prefer things that are out of the ordinary. If you have an introvert friend, here is a guide you should read.

1. They Occasionally Go Quiet For Hours Or Days

Introverts have a vivid imagination where they process everything around them deeply. This can make them go quiet for hours, days or even weeks. You don't have to push them to speak or force them to come back from their zone. They may find statements like "Helooo come back here!" or "Why are you so quiet?" irritating.

2. If They Are Your Friend, They Value You More Than You Know

Being a friend of an introvert is a special thing because introverts do not allow a lot of people in their lives. And as I said earlier, if you are one of them then congratulations because the person must like you. But now you have to maintain this relationship. Introverts are low-key usually scared to lose their friends so to avoid that you have to show them that you value them too.

3. If It Is Supposed To Be Just You Two, Don't Invite More People

no more friends

More people make your introvert friend feel very uncomfortable, so don't invite anybody else to your hangout, especially if it's supposed to be just the two of you. It can be really hurtful to your introverted mate. Introverts have a certain amount of human energy, so they can't just accept anyone into their inner circle.

4. Little Moments Of Real Connection > Hours Of Chitchat

Rather than chit chatting and gossiping with friends for hours, introverts find those moments where deep and real connection is made with friends as more comfortable and enjoyable. 

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5. Encourage Them To Share Their Thoughts

real connection with friends

Introverts are called Introverts for a reason. They are not a social butterfly but they have so many thoughts just like everyone else. If you’re the friend, you’ll have to make your introvert friend comfortable and encourage them to express more. You will have to put efforts and get them to open up, talk and share about what they feel.

6. They Need Time To Process The Thought Of Going Out

You cannot make a spontaneous plan and ask your introverted friend to come along. Most introverted people are like that. They take time to process every thought and then they react.

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7. Don't Expect Constant Contact

ignoring messages

Introverts, unlike most people, are not good at maintaining regular contact. They may not text you frequently or ignore your messages. However, this does not mean that they have forgotten about you. Introverts know they're going to see you soon. so most of them find that more comfortable and meaningful.

I hope these tips will help you understand your introvert friend better.

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