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    Don't Like Social Gatherings But Have To Attend Parties? These Tips Will Make You Feel Better

    If social gatherings are not your cup of tea and you avoid too many people but have to attend some parties, then these tips will come in handy for tha...
    Updated at - 2020-06-28,15:00 IST
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    If you are among those who do not like to party, avoid social gatherings but have to attend some parties you cannot wriggle out of, then these tips are just for you. Also known as introverts, some people feel very uncomfortable and out of place when there are too many people. Some gatherings we can ditch but some are very important and your attendance is required. So here are a few tips which will help you survive like a boss!

    Energy Level

    Go slow at the party, you do not have to be on high beam from the beginning. Increase your tempo slowly so that you do not feel exhausted and out of patience very soon. Remember it is just a party and no marathon.

    Quiet Spots & Helping Out

    bathroom party tips

    When you go to a party no matter what the venue is, first take a round of the place and find out a quiet spot where you can chill. So the strategy is that you mingle a little, mark your attendance and slip out every now and then to recharge. However, do not go to very secluded areas as that would be very unsafe. Just head to a table where you do not see many individuals. If you are at a house party, you can easily find your way to the upstairs or the other room's bathroom and relax there for a bit. Another way would be to find a diversion like the pet or pets in the house. You can go play with them or even help out in the kitchen work if the host has no issues. 

    Extrovert Friends

    If you can then make a pact with a friend who is an extrovert to give you exit windows sometimes. Like they can make an excuse for you to leave early or bail you out from awkward and long conversations. Someone who is good at interrupting confidently and whisking you away is what the need of the hour would be. 

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    Time For The Cab

    The best way is to hail a cab while going to the party and coming back. There is a safe time when one wants and should exit even if you know that is not an issue where you live. Don't take a lift from party animals especially when you know that you can get stuck because of them if they plan to stay longer.

    Good Listener

    good listener

    Many people open u quickly or just love talking so all you have to do is sit there and be a good listener. If you find their conversation interesting then take part. Make the other person talk more about their lives, their job, love life or whatever they want to divulge, That way you do not have to make a conversation and it also helps in getting you a good reputation of being a good listener.

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    Don't just in dialogues just for the heck of it. Do not fake information just be authentic. Talk about what you know and you can relate with. 

    Don't Be A Wall Flower

    If you have been invited by someone then you are important to the host so out of respect, chime in a few words or lines whenever you think you can (related to the topic of discussion). You are not there for decoration!

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