Do you also have a fairyland as we do? Do you want it to come true? We know you do, well, go get your house supplies, and let’s get ready to make a canopy, right at home, spending quality time with your loved ones! 

What All You’ll Require-

  • 1 Large embroidery hoop 
  • Sheer curtains, or any fabric or tulle that strikes your dreamland
  • 1 Ceiling screw hook
  • Coordinating ribbon
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Step-By-Step Guide-

  • Take your embroidery hoop; unscrew and remove the inside circle. 
  • To the inside circle, tie the ribbon at 3 equal intervals. This will be used to hang your canopy to the ceiling.
  • Take your outer circle of the embroidery hoop and simply start threading your curtain through the casing designed for the curtain rod. 
  • Depending on how bunched up you want the curtains to be, you will need 2 to 4 sheers. 
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  • Insert the inner circle inside the outer circle and screw the hook. Before it’s tight all the way, make sure to adjust your curtain so it is evenly dispersed around the hoop.  
  • Tie the ribbons into one knot at the desired height, making sure the ribbons are equally long.
  • Drill a hole in the ceiling; screw in your ceiling screw hook and hang your canopy with the ribbon. That’s it!

You’ll have your canopy in no time, and yet have a great amount of quality time with your loved ones. You can further add various things to your canopies like fairy lights, hangings, and polaroid photographs to enhance the aesthetics and your visualized version of your dreamland!

Uses Of Canopy-

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A Reading Nook 

You can have a space all to yourself for reading a book.

A Personal Bubble

You can disappear from the world for about some time in your own little canopy. 

Play Room 

For toddlers, a canopy can be a great playroom. They can decorate the entire place according to their fantasy and it can also be a wonderful task for every changing theme.

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Bridal Showers 

It can also be converted into a central place for a baby shower in your own house. 


You can have a canopy just above an infant's bed too. It looks absolutely adorable and cute with a baby in it, but for a baby, we recommend using a meshy fabric! 

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