Disha Patani has enjoyed the title of ‘The National crush of India’ for years and has successfully made her mark in the Entertainment space. Her fitness, makeup, and dance videos on social media along with those flawless pictures never disappoint us, to say the least. 

And all this has in turn contributed a well-crafted decent and poise image of hers in the minds of all people. But even her innocent image did suffer a few hiccups on the way when Disha was unfortunately involved in serious controversies.  Ahead of her birthday, let us take a look at some of the major controversies of Disha Patani’s life.

Disha Patani’s Selfie Controversy

Disha patani controversies

Disha Patani is someone who is known for her no-makeup makeup look selfies that she keeps posting on a regular basis on her social media account. But the actress got into social media wrath by uploading a selfie wherein she is looking very manly and overloaded with makeup. The actress had given very weird expressions and was seen wearing deep red lipstick and defined eyes the overall look was not appreciated by her fans at all and they filled the comment section with comments like the spoiled look, makeup shock, etc.  This news came up at a time Disha Patani was allegedly acting very erratically with directors.

Disha On Age Gap With Salman

The Bharat actress invited a mess when she raised the age gap factor between her and co-actor Salman Khan. She told the Mumbai Mirror “I have a management and I have to discuss the roles with them. But, the fact that I loved this role so much that I had to do it. Plus I don’t know if I ever get an opportunity of working with Salman sir again, so, I knew that I needed to do this, On asking her further as to why she feels this she added, “I mean there is an age gap which honestly in this film is managed because he’s shown as a young Salman who is in his late 20s. So, it was easier for people to understand and accept the equation.”

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This had her amidst a dense mess and more so when Salman went ahead and replied to her remark, “Why? What age difference she is saying? I’m doing a film with a 17-year-old now,” through a TOI interview.

Disha’s Controversial Relationship

Disha patani controversies

In 2013, as per a report by SpotboyE  Disha was in a relationship with Parth Samthaan. But she caught him cheating on her with Vikas Gupta. And this is when she decided to end her relationship but people mocked her for dating a person who has feelings for the same gender.

Disha patani controversies

The couple was however together for only a year after which Disha made her debut in Bollywood after eventually breaking up with Parth. The Radhe actress is now in a relationship with actor Tiger Shroff and they are often spotted together at diners and eateries.

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Disha Patani And Hrithik Roshan Controversy

Disha patani controversies

A renowned media publication published a news piece which claimed that Disha Patani refused a film with Hrithik Roshan as he tried to flirt with the 18 years younger actress and made her feel ‘uncomfortable. The report also said that the actor asked Disha to go on a date with him. 

The news spread like wildfire and Hrithik(reason behind Hrithik Sussanne's divorce), who is known for maintaining a decent silence on scandals and other controversies, blasted the media house for such a fake report. Reacting to the controversy Tiger Shroff said "It Was A Very Silly Rumour".

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