Do you also feel stuck in your current job but afraid of a change? Don’t worry as career-changing in today’s time has become as common as job-hopping. It has become a lot easier than in the past and gives you a chance to explore your true interest.

However, some jobs may require a specific degree or qualification but also, there are options available that people with a variety of backgrounds can transition into with just the set of right skills. Read on to know about the best jobs available for a midlife career change.

Social Media Manager

social media midlife career

Social media managers basically shape the brand’s image on the internet. They increase the company's presence through different strategies on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and many more. A company is nothing without a good social media strategy, therefore, this is a demanding job that also offers high pay.

The first step to enter the industry is having an active personal social media account. Your duties may involve writing blog posts, producing viral videos, creating buzzworthy memes, attracting new followers, monitoring website analytics, etc. If you feel that you are ready for all this, then go ahead and apply for social media manager jobs.

Technical Writers

writer midlife career

These people explain complex subjects to people from non-technical backgrounds. With the rapid advancement in technology, technical writers are in high demand as they help people to cope up with the fast-moving world by helping them to understand complicated technical systems.

They simplify the information by creating manuals, how-to guides, books, magazine articles, blog posts, FAQ pages, and many more. Technical writers have to research all about the product and convey the related information to the audience. They can work in a variety of fields, therefore, a specific degree isn’t required.

Fundraiser Manager

Non-profit organisations, hospitals, schools, and many such institutions depending upon donations require money to survive. Therefore, they don’t hesitate to pay someone a chunk of money who brings in a lot of funds. Convincing people to donate is the major KRA of the job, therefore, a background in sales or marketing would be of help.

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Financial Planner

A financial planner is basically a job that pays you to advise people on how to manage money (finance apps to manage money). They basically tell the clients the best ways to invest such as mutual funds, bonds, stocks, and other things. This is done in order to be financially secure during the period of retirement.

People also take help from financial planners to save money for short–term goals like weddings and college funds. These jobs are high in demand as they help people achieve monetary stability in life.

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Public Relations Manager

PR midlife career

Public relations managers are high in demand in every possible industry as they help in maintaining a positive image of the company in the media. They basically interact with media persons by responding to their queries, promoting the achievements of the company, and downplaying any bad news.

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Their duties include drafting press releases, hiring spokespeople, crafting speeches, releasing official statements, setting up conferences, appealing to social media followers, scheduling interviews, approving ad campaigns, and preparing media kits. PR managers work in a variety of industries, therefore do not require a specific degree (degree in hotel management).

If you are also looking for an opportunity to change your career in your 40's, then these are your best options. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi.