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  • Rashmeet Kaur
  • Editorial

Try These Hacks To Get Rid Of Coffee Stains From Your Clothes

Removing coffee stains can be a daunting task because it is a tannin-based stain and tannin itself is a natural vegetable dye.
Published -06 Apr 2022, 10:19 ISTUpdated -06 Apr 2022, 10:33 IST
  • Rashmeet Kaur
  • Editorial
  • Published -06 Apr 2022, 10:19 ISTUpdated -06 Apr 2022, 10:33 IST
remove coffee stains main

A cup of coffee in the morning is just the perfect start of the day for most of us. But that grin quickly changes into gloom, if it gets spilled on our clothes. “Ugh, this stain ruined my day!” is what you blurt out, right?

But don’t worry, to help you, we have got some easy hacks that you can follow to remove coffee stains from your precious clothing items. 

Respond At The Earliest!

Though coffee is our favourite beverage but we can’t deny the fact that it leaves an ugly dark brown stain which is clearly visible and therefore, can ruin the whole garment!

The first tip, therefore, is to always act at the earliest moment, as soon as you spot the stain. Just as the early bird catches the worm, the early responder gets a clean, fresh, strain-free cloth with the least effort. So, to make your early effort worth it, you need to follow this method.


  • Take the stained cloth and place it under the cold water tap.
  • On the affected area, run the water to dilute the stain.
  • Remember, don’t scrub the stained area, otherwise, the fabric can get damaged permanently.

In case this didn’t work, don’t fret as we have got your back. We are also not going to leave you without solving the coffee spill, just as stubbornly as the coffee stain itself!

For dried coffee stains, you can follow these simple hacks. Take a look!

Using Laundry Detergent Or Commercial Stain Remover

coffee stain removal with laundry detergent

When it comes to removing any kind of stain, we first turn to laundry detergents, right? However, there is a method that you should follow while treating the spot.


  • Soak the stained cloth in a bucket of warm water with half a scoop of detergent or commercial stain remover dissolved in it.
  • After 30 minutes or as mentioned on the pack, take out your clothing item and put it in the washing machine, along with other similar items, and add the appropriate amount of detergent. 
  • Wash on your usual cycle. 
  • Then, check if the stain is removed.
  • Just remember, do not put the cloth in the dryer until the stain is completely removed. Otherwise, the stain will get dried and it will become all the more difficult to remove it.

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Using White Vinegar And Detergent 

coffee stain removal with vinegar

White vinegar is a commonly used preservative in Indian households and of course, is easily available. The acidic nature of this ingredient can be useful for whitening and brightening your clothes. Mixing the vinegar with detergent can offer you a cloth cleaning cocktail!


  • First, absorb excess coffee from the stained area with a dry and clean cloth.
  • Then, for 15 minutes, pre-soak the stain in a solution of 1/2 scoop of detergent and 1 spoon of white vinegar in warm water.
  • After the time is up, rinse the clothing item with clean warm water.
  • If the stain is still there then, you can use a sponge and rub alcohol to blot up any remaining stain.
  • Repeat the method till the stain is completely gone.

However, some stains are more stubborn. For removing them, use a rubber band to stretch the stained fabric over a bowl.  Pour hot water (around 900 Celsius) over the stained area. 

But first, try this technique in a separate area of the fabric to check that the cloth doesn’t get damaged. Usually, cotton fabric can sustain near boiling point temperature but synthetic fabric can not.

Using Baking Soda 

coffee stain removal with baking soda

Baking soda is a commonly available kitchen ingredient and can be your one-stop solution when it comes to cleaning. Now, this method can be particularly used for stained jeans. Trust us, it will work wonders!


  • Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of baking soda onto a wet, clean cloth.
  • Gently rub it over the stained area.
  • Repeat till the stain is removed.
  • After the stain is removed, wash as normal. 

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Using Lemon Juice 

coffee stain removal with lemon juice

Another easy and quick hack is to use a mixture of lemon juice with white vinegar. While you know the benefits of the acidic nature of vinegar for cleaning now, lemons comprise of citric acid which can help to break down those stubborn stains.

  • Take 1 teaspoon of lemon juice with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and mix them thoroughly.
  • Gently rub the mixture on the affected area. Don’t scrub harshly.
  • Then, rinse the clothing piece with cold water. 

Some other items which can be also be used for removing coffee stains include toothpaste, egg yolk, baby powder, and shaving cream. Also, not only clothes, but these techniques can also be used to remove coffee stains from carpets, upholstery, wooden surfaces, and so on. 

So, bid adieu to those ugly stains and enjoy a fresh, happy day with a hot brewing coffee and no stress! 

Which of these hacks are you going to try? Do share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi!


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