Feng Shui is a 5000 years old Chinese traditional practice which is known to promote good health, wealth and overall well-being of a person. Feng Shui means wind and water and it works in a particular style depending on where it is being used. Initially, it was used while creating buildings. Today, the practice is used for many different things including the kitchen, study room, and even the wallet. 

Cleaning and organising your wallet according to feng shui can help you attract more money. Here is a step by step guide. Read on. 

Clean It Well

clean your wallet

Wallet is essential and we often forget cleaning it. As we use it on a daily basis, we really don't realise how much stuff we keep on collecting in it. So, begin with taking everything out of the wallet. Keep the stuff in a box. Take a damp towel and clean the wallet inside out. You can also use incense to clean the wallet. This helps in giving the wallet positive energy. 

Throw Away All That You Don't Need

wallet fengshui

When you clean your wallet, you will find a couple of things, right from old receipts to coupons. Separate the ones you don't need and dispose them off safely. Check for all the cards as well, is there a card that has expired? Time to get rid of that too. 

Also, have you been collecting business cards all this while? Have a look at all of them and if you don't really want any, time to throw them. You will find so much more space in your wallet to keep other useful things. 

Set Everything In Order

organising wallet

Now that you have cleared all the papers, start setting the ones you need. Straighten all the bills and currency notes. According to feng shui, when you treat your cash right, it attracts positive energy. Keep everything in an organised manner, right from your cash to bills to cards. 

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Keep A Handwritten Note

According to Feng Shui, you are able to attract great energy when you have positive energy in your wallet. On a small piece of paper, write a few things, something that you follow, or that makes you feel positive. This will give you great energy whenever you open your wallet. You can also write the about of money you wish to achieve and keep it safely inside your wallet. This helps in attracting a lot of positive energy. 

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Never Place It On The Floor

You keep all your hard-earned money in your wallet and you should respect it. Never place your wallet on the floor. Also, don't keep it in the areas which attract negative energy like the washroom. Always store your wallet in your bag, a shelf, or a table. Don't place it just anywhere as it will look like you are disrespecting it. 

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As per feng shui, you should never use a wallet that has been earlier used by someone else. This is because the energy of the previous owner stays stuck to the wallet and you don't really know if this will bring you good luck or bad luck. It is best to get a new wallet. 

Though there are a lot of lucky colours for your wallet according to feng shui, you can use any colour which stays clean and is easy to maintain. We hope this guide helps you organise your wallet well and makes you attract more wealth. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi.com