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Buy Kitchen Items Online Only Under ₹200

Add a vegetable peeler, stainer and chopper to your kitchen for under ₹200.
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -19 May 2022, 15:43 ISTUpdated -19 May 2022, 16:00 IST
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Whether you are setting up your home or a paying guest house, the first thing is to arrange the kitchen. However, this task need not be hectic and expensive. You can buy essential kitchen items from multiple e-commerce platforms, and that too within the cap of ₹200. Let’s take a look!

Measuring Spoons (Kitchen Items)

Whether you like to bake or cook, it is essential to have a set of measuring spoons in every kitchen. It helps to measure the number of ingredients that you will be putting in the dish. Price starts around ₹100.

Such a set makes it each to manage the proportions of condiments so that you do not exceed the maximum cap. It helps you to maintain the taste of the dish. However, it is a crucial requirement if you love to bake because you have to follow specific instructions along with specific measurements.

Set Of Wooden Spatulas (Budget-Friendly Buy)

wooden spatulas

Image Courtesy: Amazon.in

If you have non-stick pans at home, you need wooden spatulas to ensure you do not scrub off the surface. They help maintain the shine and smoothness of the surfaces of your utensils. The approximate price starts at ₹100.

Moreover, the spatulas do not get hot if you leave them in a pan. Thus, it prevents you from accidentally touching a piping hot ladle and burning your hand. A wooden spatula is a good addition to any kitchen. They add a little sophisticated and eco-friendly (clean reusable grocery bags) touch to the most favourite room in the house. 

Vegetable Chopper (Essential Kitchen Items)

Who likes to cut vegetables with a sharp knife? Many times we end up bruising our fingers as well. Moreover, when we cut onions or garlic cloves with a knife, it is inevitable to not catch the smell of the vegetables. Price starts around ₹190.

However, with the addition of a cost-effective vegetable chopper, you will never have to worry about any of the above issues. Moreover, it will make cutting and chopping an effortless task. All you have to do is peel off the skin of vegetables and put a big chunk of them in a chopper. Its stainless steel blades will give you the desired results without leeching any toxic components into your food.

Strainer (Buy Kitchen Items)

stainer in budget

Image Courtesy: Amazon.in

Have you ever tried to strain excess water from soaked rice or lentils? Isn’t it a dreading and messy task? Well! If you have ₹200 in your pocket, you can resolve this worry forever. Price starts around ₹160.

From multiple online platforms, you can buy a strainer that will help you remove excess water without draining rice, lentils or vegetables from the bowl. It makes working in the kitchen efficient without creating a mess around the counter.

Lemon Crusher (Kitchen Items List)

We feel this is one the most essential tool for every kitchen. It seems to be a troubling task to first remove the seeds and then squeeze the lemon. If you have any cuts or bruises on your hands or fingers, lemon could cause a burning sensation. Price starts at ₹150.

Hence, a lemon (lemon price hike) crusher helps to avoid such problems. You can simple cut the vegetable in half, put it between the scoops and press it hard to squeeze the juice. It makes the task effortless and mess-free.

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Vegetables Peeler (Cheap Puchase)

vegetable peeler

Image Courtesy: Amazon.in

The task of peeling any vegetable is such a mess that if you do not have a peeling, you might end up dumping an entire piece in the garbage. With a peeler, you can remove the skin of any vegetable or fruit without making a mess. Price starts at ₹50.

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Moreover, you can also use the peeler to carve potatoes and other vegetables. You can quickly work around the cook’s room without having to spend hours peeling and chopping. 

Stay tuned with HerZindagi for more such budget-friendly recommendations! 


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