Bigg Boss is well known to be the house always on fire with tasks, fun banter, fights, arguments and face-offs. The house of Bigg Boss 14 is no different but in fact, the makers are trying their best to give it twists and turn to maintain the excitement levels of the audiences. We all know that this time the show has toofani seniors who have won or been a part of the Bigg Boss in earlier seasons. But according to sources, their stint is already over now and are out of the house. If this wasn't enough, Eijaz Khan, Pavitra Puniya & Shehzad Deol are in deep trouble. 

If we go by the news different sources are coming up with, the trio of Hina Khan, Sidharth Shukla & Gauahar Khan are out. A twitter handle famously called "The Khabri" keeps sharing small doses of news and leaks for the show's fans. As per the handle, the real game shall begin now with only the contestants inside. 

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Here is what "The Khabri" has posted on the handle: "Yes finally seniors are out of the house. now the real game begins. Retweet if happy’.

As per the reports, the seniors exited from the house, yesterday. With them gone, the house now shall be run by only the freshers.  

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In another latest tweet, The Khabri shared that Eijaz Khan, Pavitra Puniya & Shehzaad Deol will be out of the house as well!

Here is what the tweet says: "Breaking! #TheKhabri #SidharthShukla team lost the task So #EijazKhan #PavitraPunia and #ShehzaadDeol are out of the House #Nikki is safe as she was already Confirmed. #Remember #Shehzaad was not in any team but he was given #Gayab tag on WeekendKaVaar for being Voted out by HMs that's why he has Joined #Eijaz and #Pavitra".

Now they could also be in a secret room or maybe elsewhere. 

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With the seniors out, the game shall become more interesting and the complaints made by the freshers shall come to an end. Many newcomers like Eijaz and Rahul Vaidya had voiced that the seniors are biased and favour some of the participants, showering them with special treatments. 

Meanwhile, Shehzaad was nominated by Eijaz and he has been given the 'invisible person' tag. With this t-shirt, he cannot be a participant in any task or activity until Bigg Boss says so. 

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This left Shehzaad so sour that he told Pavitra Punia to never trust Eijaz, comparing the actor to a snake. He said: "Agar Kabhi saanp aur Eijaz mil jaaye na toh pehle Eijaz ko maar daalna". Shehzad also added that he will wait for his chance to give him a lesson. He confided in Pavitra that he has immense respect for Eijaz and treated him as an elder brother but he cannot be trusted. He warned Pavitra that Eijaz can go to any length to win the game. 

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Well, what do you think will happen next? Will BB 14 be as crazy as BB 13?

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