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    500 Shoes Worth 1.5 Crores, Fancy Cars, Checkout What All Rapper Badshah Owns & His Net Worth In 2020

    From his own production house to his own clothing line and more, here is what Badshah owns and this is what turns out to be his net worth.
    Updated at - 2020-06-22,11:22 IST
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    Singer and Rapper, Badshah, whose real name is Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia, has an immense fan following and has sung a number of hits for Bollywood and otherwise. He has delivered many singles which were a major hit, including Kar Gayi Chull in Fawad Khan, Siddharth Malhotra, and Alia Bhatt starrer Kapoor and Sons to Tareefan from multistarrer Veere Di Wedding. With so much fame also came a lot of money and our Genda Phool singer sure has a taste for the best of international brands and expensive cars. He has a staggering net worth which is commendable for a singer as it is a well-known fact that until just a few years back, artists were paid very less. Take a look at what all he owns and how much money has made approximately. 

    Expensive Possessions Of Badshah

    Badshah has an addiction, passionate love for expensive things and that ranges from cars to clothes to watches and shoes.

    • Staring with just a watch, Badshah owns a Rolex which is worth Rs 35 lakhs and here begins his car collection. 

    badshah car two

    • According to Times, Now, Badshah owns a Jeep WRangles which cost him 72 lakhs, a Mercedes Benz GL350 worth Rs 80 lakh, Porche Cayman 718 which is worth Rs 90 lakh, BMW 640D that made a dent in his account worth Rs 1.15 crore, a Mercedes Benz S Class he bought for Rs 1.9 crore and lastly Lamborghini Gallardo which he spent Rs 3.06 crore on.

    badshah car one

    • He has around 500 shoes which are worth Rs 1.5 crore, something you and I would just dream about. 

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    • Besides the cars and shoes, the man owns a house in Delhi that he bought for Rs 12 crore according to a report by Times Now. Last but not the least, Badshah like many celebs, owns a clothing line called Badfit!

    badshah badfit

    Production House & Other Ventures

    Until 2018, Badshah's net worth was Rs 105 crore with an annual income of Rs 10.5 crore. In 2018, he also launched his own production house named Afterhours. If this was hist net worth 2 years back, right now it must be, give and take, Rs 20 to Rs 30 crore more?!


    It began with a web series titled ‘Lockdown’, with 30 minutes episodes featuring music icons like Kailash Kher, Sachin Jigar, Raftaar, Monali Thakur, and collaborated with digital stars like Jonita Gandhi, Raja Kumari, Shirley Setia, and Mickey Singh.

    At the launch of the prod house, Badshah said in an interview to media that “I am thrilled and nervous to start something new altogether. Production has always enticed me and this is a domain that I have always wanted to explore. Since One Digital Entertainment has been fruitfully tapping the nerves of content generation in the digital arena, I am looking forward to creating some cool content with them,” said Badshah.

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    The rapper has been on the Forbes India Celebrity 100 List repeatedly. He told Forbes magazine in an interview: "Brand Badshah is all the things that I like, amplified. Many people think I’m a clotheshorse, but I have my own style. I want people to dress like me, drive like me, watch the sort of films that I like to watch. Whether it’s my clothing brand, my production house, or my resto-bar, it’s all about making things for myself and people like me."

    "I have grown up watching Western rappers like Jay-Z—for me, he’s the businessman I admire the most. His quality and diversification are amazing. I follow him and try to be like him. My businesses are a step in that direction. I’m extremely involved in all my ventures, to the level of losing my sanity. But again, this is the age for me to do that, to utilise the maximum potential of my mind and body. I believe that it’s a mental game—fatigue is a state of mind—and as long as I can push myself, I will," he added.

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    He also expressed his interest in interior design.

    "I’d love to design resorts and interiors too. I’ve been speaking with a real estate group about doing a health resort in the mountains. It’s so exciting to talk about things and see them actually come to life. I’d love to keep doing many things as long as I can afford to. When I think I won’t be able to do justice to all those frontiers, I’ll have to pack up and sell them off, maybe. I am conscious about building ‘Badshah’ into a brand and using that as a platform to launch ancillary businesses, but I want all of these companies to go beyond me, and beyond Badshah. What use is a brand that doesn’t outlast its creator?" he added.

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