Every woman definitely has a bundle of safety pins in her purse as they are super handy in situations of emergency. However, other than using safety pins for rescue purposes while your dress is torn, there are several other smart ways to use safety pins.

If you are not aware of any other ways to use safety pins, then we are here to tell you about some.

Decorate Clothing

clothing safety pin uses

We all know how handy safety pins can be when we have a torn piece of clothing but most of the time you are embarrassed when your clothes are pinned together using safety pins. However, don’t be embarrassed as this is the new trend.

Put on safety pins of different colours or with pearls on your clothing and you have a new and stylish piece for yourself. This is great for when you have emergencies and also for when you just want to amp up your outfit.


Those little clothespins can easily get lost and can create a problem, especially on a windy day. So, in this situation, you can go for safety pins for drying your clothes outdoors. However, make sure to pin them from a location where you don’t mind a tiny hole.

Attach Earrings

If you want to wear long earrings but don’t have one, then you can always use safety pins to attach two similar kinds of earrings. Just put one through the top of the safety pin and secure it and the other through the bottom and secure it as well. Your new and trendy earrings are ready.

This hack is also useful when you have a broken pair of earrings. Put the top half and the bottom half through the safety pin and voila! Your earrings are fixed.

Static Cling

Safety pins work like magic while getting rid of static cling. If you attach it to the seam of your piece of clothing like the hem of your pants, then the static will instantly be gone.

Keeps The Socks Together

socks safety pin uses

It is a common occurrence that a sock gets separated from its partner. In order to keep these two together, you can pin them up with a safety pin before throwing them in the washing machine.

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First Aid Kit

Now, you might be thinking about the use of a safety pin in your first aid kit, then let me tell you that these will be extremely useful when you are injured and can’t find a bandage pin. In this situation, you can easily use a safety pin to keep your bandage in place.

Pillow Covers

Pillow covers usually have a bad quality zip which easily gets damaged only after a few washes. This will result in pillow covers falling off the pillows (ways to reuse old pillows) constantly, so, you can use a safety pin in place of zips to keep the pillow covers from falling off.

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Keep The Curtains Closed

If you get disturbed even with a little bit of light peeking from between the two curtains (curtain decor ideas), then you should use a safety pin to attach them together and sleep in peace. 

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