Over-Salted Your Food? These Tips Will Come To Your Rescue

Sprinkled too much salt in food? Fret not! Putting a ball of wheat flour dough in curry will get rid of all the excess salt in your food.

Meenu Solanki
excess salt in food main

Yuck. Too salty! It’s heartbreaking when you’ve spent an hour to prepare a meal, and hear those words. Most of us have been there, and it truly undermines the effort. Here we have some easy rescue for those tough days. Browse through these easy tips for your salty problems.

Wheat Flour Dough

excess salt in food flour dough

A small ball of wheat flour added to the curry for 10-15 minutes can help resolve this hassle. Wheat flour dough has salt sucking abilities.

Vinegar And Salt

To even out the salt, add 1 tablespoon of vinegar along with a tablespoon of sugar to the gravy.

Raw Potato

excess salt in food potatoes

Chop a few slices of raw potato and put them in your curry. It will absorb excess salt from the curry. Let the potato sit in for about 10 minutes and then discard those slices before serving.


Peel and chop a raw onion and put it in the curry for a few minutes. Take it out and enjoy your meal!


excess salt in food curd

Adding 1-2 tablespoon of curd or malai in your curry will neutralise the excess salt, and will give your dish a subtle taste as well!


Another fix is to add finely chopped tomatoes or tomato puree and cook for a few minutes more!

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excess salt in food milk

Adding milk will do the same; it will also neutralise the excess salt and balance the flavours of the dish. It’ll also make your gravy, thick and more creamy!

Add More Vegetables

Another way is to add more vegetables in your gravy and cook it well.

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Boiled Potato

To balance out excess salt, put a mashed boiled potato in your gravy. Let it sit for 10 minutes and enjoy your food!

So, fret not if you put excess salt in your dish, just follow these tips and you’re good to go! Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such articles.

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