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    Try These 3 Delicious Desserts In A Jar By Chef Kaviraj Khialani

    If you want to try a new dessert, here are 3 desserts in a jar by Chef Kaviraj Khialani.
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    Updated at - 2021-09-09,15:42 IST
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    Sweets and desserts are one of those favorite parts of a meal which we all usually love to make space for and to indulge into something which is appealing, healthy and innovative at times is like a cherry on the cake! 

    While most of us have our own choice of sweet dishes which we enjoy all the time, it is a good idea to try something new, creative and different as well to entice and excite our taste buds and fellow friends and family members too once in a while by quickly fixing up some delectable sweet delights!

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    Here are 3 Ways to try out something new and varied for our dessert menu!

    Nutty Sweet In A Jar

    nuts desert in a jar


    • Digestive biscuits- 8-10 no crushed/powdered
    • Dates- 4-6 no seedless, fine chopped
    • Honey-2 tsp
    • Butter-2 tsp
    • Brown sugar-2-3 tsp
    • Fresh cream-1 cup
    • Sweet vanilla custard/ rabdi- 1 cup
    • Gulab Jamun- 3-4 no cut into small pieces
    • Meetha paan- 1 no, fine chopped entirely.
    • Assorted fresh fruits- pineapple/ cherries/ chickoo etc as desired-1 cup.
    • Assorted dry fruits-2 -3 tsp, almonds, cashews, raisins, walnuts etc.
    • Small dessert jars- 2-3 no to set the dessert.


    1. Prepare and assemble all the ingredients for the fusion layered dessert in a jar.

    2. Combine together the honey, butter, crushed brown sugar and digestive biscuits and mix them well.

    3. Place a little at the base of the jar, continue with some whipped cream, some rabdi, chopped dates, the cut pieces of Jamun, sprinkle some of the meetha paan in between the layers add some fresh fruits, nuts and continue to layer the sweet.

    4. Allow the dessert to build up in the jar make at least 2 to 3 layers and then close the jar with a tight fitting lid and chill for 2-3 hours, serve cold.

    Red Velvet Delight Jar

    red velvet desert in a jar


    • Red velvet cake/pastry- 400 gms approx.
    • Angoori basundi- 10-12 pieces plus ½ cup basundi
    • Assorted nuts- 2-3 tbsp. chopped use a combination of roasted almonds, raisins soaked in little rum or brandy, add some Anjeer, apricots etc as well for taste.
    • Custard -1 cup or
    • Whipped fresh cream-1 cup or
    • Rabdi-1 cup 
    • Jars to set the dessert-2-3 no.
    • Assorted fruit syrups/ crush like blueberry/ cranberry etc can also be used to add a tartness to the layered dessert.

    To add some more flavors/texture/taste in the dessert we can even add some praline/ chikki which can be made using coconut/ peanuts/ mix assorted nuts etc crush them and add in between the layers for added options. Another variation to try is to add slices of malai or kesari kulfi in the layered dessert in the jar with the red velvet cake, it tastes awesome!


    1. Start by assembling all the ingredients for this awesome combination dessert.

    2. Place a layer or lightly crumbled red velvet cake soak it with a little brandy or rum if desired, top with layer of basundi/cream/ rabdi etc and also keep adding some fruits/nuts/ crushed chikki/praline in between the layers.

    3. Create multiple layers with the dessert all the way to the top and finally place the angoori basundi pieces and little of the liquid as well, garnish and seal up the jars, allow to chill for 3-4 hours and then serve.

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    Chocolate Wonder Jar

    chocolate desert in a jar


    • Chocolate sponge cake- 400 gms
    • Red wine/ brandy/ rum- 2-3 tbsp. optional
    • Chocolate sauce-1/2 cup
    • Choco- chips- 2-3 tsp
    • Rabdi-1 cup + 2 tbsp. melted white chocolate
    • Whipped sweetened cream-1/2 cup
    • Assorted nuts-2-3 tbsp. chopped
    • Rossogulla- 3-4 no’s cut 1 x 2
    • Jars- 2-3 no to layer and assemble the sweet
    • Assorted ice/cream scoops-2 flavors either vanilla or butterscotch/ coffee or tender coconut etc can also be placed in the jar as a part of the assembling concept.
    • Also try using assorted indian mithai/ sweets as well in these layers for more variety for example motichoor laddoo, sev burfi, dry fruit pedha or even a crumbled up Mohanthal does wonders when layered up.

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    1. Prepare and assemble all the ingredients as desired and as per choice for the quick fix dessert.

    2. Start with a layer of the crumbled up cake soaked up with a little alcohol/ sugar syrup or a little syrup from the rossogulla as well can be used.

    3. Next start with the placing of the sliced rossogulla, assorted nuts, ice-cream flavors, chocolate sauce, cream/ rabdi/ custard etc as desired.

    4. Layer the ingredients all the way to the top and complete the setting of the sweet, add your favorite fruit syrups/crush/ compotes/ marmalades etc as well if desired, chill the dessert for 2-3 hours and serve.

    Celebrity Chef Kaviraj Khialani has a varied experience with hotels and airlines. He is also a consultant, food designer and food stylist. For more such interesting recipes from the chef, stay tuned to HerZindagi.

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