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Outfits Inspired By The Fashion Capitals

Can these fashion capitals inspire our outfits; let's find out!
  • Neha Pande
  • Editorial
Published -05 Oct 2021, 12:35 ISTUpdated -05 Oct 2021, 20:39 IST
Fashion capital paris

Fashion is inspired by the cultures and the society; where you live has a big role in your personal fashion as well as the trends in your region. Fashion capitals has a big role in revolutionising fashion or modernising fashion.

The biggest fashion capitals of this world starts from the city of love to city that never sleeps. Paris, New York, London and Milan are the four big fashion capitals of the world so we took some inspiration from them to design outfits perfect for these fashion capitals.


paris fashion

Image courtesy: breathofyouth.com, pintreast.com, shoppenguin.co.uk

Oh the city of romance and love; Paris is one of the biggest revolutionary for the fashion industry. À la mode; there is reason why the word has not been translated in English. Paris has given us big names in the fashion industry from Coco Chanel and Christian Louboutin to Jean Paul Gaultier and Yves Saint Laurent; this is just the tip of the Eiffel Tower.

For this romantic, loving and stylish city we decided to take the romance and architecture into consideration. We ended up on a beautiful romantic floral white dress with puffed sleeves giving the look a bit more older Parisian aesthetic. We also added tie up wedges and for the necklace we added a cute short necklace with butterflies.

I can absolutely imagine someone in Paris with this outfit sitting by a cafe chatting away with friends.


london fashion

Image courtesy; damselindior.com, thebirdcageboutique.com.au, calidistore.com, etsy.com

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The industrialist city which has fashion running through its veins. I bet you have never seen people in London dressed bad; that is because this city just keep raising the bar. London is known for the place where the miniskirt was born. You can find luxury fashion and big brands; to punk and rock. If you are in London you have to visit Camden Market at least once. This market is always the most buzzing place for indie designers to flaunt their looks or for you to shop for a one of a kind look

For London we went with something industrial, classy and structured. We started with a tan trench coat with long beige pants to give it a free falling structure. We cinched the waist with a belt and did a French tuck with the black shirt worn under the trench to give it a classy yet artistic look. For shoes we went with black boots and for accessories we went with clear glasses.

New York City

New York Fashion

Image courtesy: lulalogy.com, sunifty.com, myshoebazaar.com, danielwellington.com

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The city that never sleeps also known as New York City. The fast fashion and lifestyle of NYC is not for the faint of heart; there is a reason why we call it the city that never sleeps. This city is the birth place of the MET Gala; the biggest night for the whole of fashion world. Other than the MET i.e. Metropolitan Museum of Art there are many other places to visit like Museum of Fashion Institute of Technology, cathedrals, the Central Park etc.

For the fast paced and high fashion New York we decided on a black blazer dress with a simple silk cami under it. We also added black thigh high boots and a simple watch because in the fast paced NYC you need to keep your time.


milan fashion

Image courtesy; etsy.com, joymanmall.com, ohcheri.co.uk

The cultural fashion of Milan has caught everyone’s attention. Italy is known for its culture, the people and it’s fashion and architecture. Milan is like the biggest playground for the best Italian designers and fashion icons. Milan is the home to some of the greatest Italian designers like Giorgio Armani, Attico and Dolce & Gabbana.

For this free city we went with a beautiful long white dress which is inspired by the Roman robes that women wore. With that we added beautiful floral white sandals and a tote bag with daisies on it. If you are running around Milan you need to make small stops for all the trinkets you find.

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