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Types Of Monsoon Footwear You Should Own

Don't want to spoil your expensive shoes in the rain? Try these footwear and you'll be sorted for the season.
Published -16 Jul 2022, 15:30 ISTUpdated -16 Jul 2022, 14:19 IST
monsoon footwear main

Monsoon season is here and it is considered the most romantic season. With the start of this season, happiness and love spread all around us. However, this season also brings difficulties and struggles like puddles, dirt and many more. 

Rains come with a chance of spoiling your hair, makeup, outfit and footwear. Well, you can protect other things with an umbrella but your footwear is sure to get into puddles. Therefore, you should stack your normal footwear on rainy days and go for monsoon special footwear. Here are some footwear options for you that will keep your feet protected during monsoon and will not get spoiled. 


flip flops monsoon footwear

Flip-flops have been quite popular for a long time. Before we had these different kinds of stylish footwear, people relied on flip-flops. These are suitable for both men and women. They are quick and easy to wear and at the same time, they are perfect for summer. This is because they are made with rubber, thus won’t get spoiled by the water and are quite durable. Also, they will dry quickly. The best part is that these are perfect for a casual look. 


gumboots monsoon footwear

Water-resistant and super-easy to clean, this is what you need in your perfect monsoon footwear. Well, you have got it all in gumboots. These are surely the ultimate monsoon shoes with an excellent grip and fit. The best part is that these shoes cover your feet, thus protecting them from any external sources. 

Also, gumboots can be styled well with most outfits. You can experiment with different funky colours and stand out in the crowd or go for neutral shades. 

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crocs monsoon footwear

Crocs are quite popular over the past few years. From a young child to an adult, no one can resist this super-comfy footwear. You will be glad to know that you can also wear your crocs during the wet months as these are perfect for rain. 

They are easy to wear, easy to clean, and durable and the rubber material doesn’t let the water harm the shoes and also, dries them quickly. You can style them with most outfits and are quite comfortable. 

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Platform heels

platform heels monsoon footwear

If you love to wear high heels, then we would recommend you to keep your pencil heels away during the monsoon months as they will be uncomfortable and there are chances of getting stuck. Instead, go for platform heels that will be way more comfortable. Also the elevated footwear will protect your feet from all kinds of puddles. Platform heels are so versatile that can actually be paired up with anything. 

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