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How To Look Tall In Bridal Lehenga Without Heels

If you are a bride who chooses comfort, then here are some tips for you.
how to look tal in bridal lehenga main

Wedding day is one of the most important days of a woman’s life and they don't want any hurdles. Everything should be perfect, especially their looks. Brides can compromise with anything on their wedding day but not their appearance. We totally agree as every bride has the right to look beautiful on their special day.

However, this style can sometimes come at the cost of comfort. Giving up on your comfort is a big mistake as you have to stay in this outfit for long hours and if you don't stay comfortable, then you will end up not enjoying the wedding.

You might agree with us but it can still be difficult to give up those high heels as you want to look tall. Fret not because we are here with some ways to tell you how to look tall in your bridal lehenga without heels. Read on to know more.

Tie Up Your Hair

No matter how much you want to show off your luscious long hair, we would suggest you tie up your hair in a bun or have short hair. Long hair tends to add more volume to your overall appearance. This makes you look shorter. However, if you have long hair, then you should try a high bun as it will not only add extra height but also gives an illusion of length.

Go For Same Colour Embroidery

same embroidery how to look tal in bridal lehenga

Your bridal lehenga can't be simple, it has to be heavy. A heavy lehenga automatically means a lot of embroidery. Embroidery is a must as it is tradition and it also adds beauty to your outfit. If you are choosing embroidery, then it is important to go for embroidery in the same colour as the fabric. This is because same coloured embroidery will add an illusion of length, thus making you look tall.

Small Motifs

Since we are on the topic of embroidery, let's talk more about it. If you don't want to go for the same coloured embroidery, then there is another trick as well. I would suggest you go for small motifs. This doesn't mean that we are asking you to pick a light outfit. You can opt for heavy embroidery, just make sure that you go for small prints and motifs. This will make you look tall.

Opt For Short Blouse

Opting for a short blouse is another trick that you can try if you want to look tall without wearing heels. Long cholis often go beyond your waistline, thus cutting your body into half beyond your waist. This makes your legs short, thus making you look even shorter than you actually are.

Thus, avoid wearing a long blouse and opt for a short one as the shorter the blouse, the taller you will look.

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Go Monotone

monotone how to look tal in bridal lehenga

Even if you are a fan of colour, don't opt for three different colours for your lehenga, blouse and dupatta. This will only make you short. There are two reasons for the same. Too many colours will make your outfit look chaotic and the chaos will make you look short.

Different colours will break the illusion of length, thus making you look short. Instead, we would recommend you to go for monotonic lehengas which means wearing the same colour from head to toe. This will maintain the illusion of length, thus making you look tall.

Choose Your Fabric Wisely

Raw silk might be in trend and look extremely elegant but you should avoid such fabrics that tend to be rigid. Instead of this, you should opt for fabrics that are flowy such as georgette, chiffon or crepe. This is because flowy fabrics tend to hide the unwanted and make your outfit look more structured and well fitted.

Avoid Broad Borders

We understand that you might want a heavy look, thus you are opting for a broad border. However, broad borders tend to make you look bulkier and heavier. Bulky outfits also make you look short. Instead of these broad borders, go for narrow ones as they will make you seem petite and tall at the same time, thus making you look just as you desire.

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Deep Neckline

You should avoid high necklines including closed or collared ones. Choosing just a simple neckline is the best idea. You can go for a boat neck or round neck instead. V-necks and sweetheart necklines are your best options.

Vertical Lines

vertical lines how to look tal in bridal lehenga

Go for vertical lines in your outfit as these will make you look tall. If you are opting for prints or embroidery, then vertical lines would be your best option. Similarly, opting a lehenga with kalis will give an illusion of length, thus making you look tall.

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