Every writer struggles through writer’s block at many points of life. It is the worst nightmare for any writer.  However, the question is how to overcome writer’s block? It is tough to answer this question as writing is a creative process and every writers battle is a different one. 

Although, there is no definitive answer to this question but there are some tricks that might help you to overcome your writer’s block. Read ahead to know about some tried and tested ways to overcome it. 

Take A Walk

writers block walk

If you are not able to think about what to write while sitting in a particular place, just get up take a walk. This will allow your brain to physically loosen up and becomes more approachable. Probably, you will start writing scenes in your head just as you are walking. This will allow you to move ahead with your write – up as soon as you sit down.

Write Something Else

To give your brain a break, start to write anything. It might something else you are working on or just something for leisure or you can even write just rubbish. The purpose is to just avoid the block and focus your mind on something else to bring back its creativity. When you will return to your original project, the block is already gone. 

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writers block sleep

Getting enough sleep will help you work with a fresh mind when you wake up. This will provide you with a new perspective and also, speed up your creative mind as you are well rested. Also, when you face a writer’s block, just leave it and take a nap. Again, when you will get up, you will have a fresh new perception to go ahead.

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Talk To A Friend

This may sound too simple to you but narrowing don your audience might help. Just talk to your friend and narrate the whole story. As you are thinking your story for just one person, you might be able to think of a better follow-up by keeping that single individual in mind. 

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Read A Book

writers block book

Reading something else might work. Firstly, it will give you a break from the story you are thinking about for a long time and help you get a new viewpoint when you reach out to it after a while. Secondly, reading a book or anything else will help you get new ideas for your own write-up. Obviously, you can’t copy paste but you can definitely take an idea and get a better clarity in what you are doing. 

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