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    Kick-Start Your Kid's Grammar Sessions With These Vocabulary Building Games

    Due to the pandemic, physical school is a big no for young kids but development shouldn't stop. So, here are some vocabulary building games for your c...
    Published -27 Sep 2021, 08:00 ISTUpdated -05 Oct 2021, 16:31 IST
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    A child’s vocabulary expands at a surprising rate. Google research also shows that, In early word learning, infants build their vocabulary slowly. By the age of 18 months, infants can typically produce about 50 words and begin to make word combinations. That’s an amazing jump! Luckily for teachers & parents, educational technology is making it easier to build vocabulary. Any topic can be learned through games and there are a lot of mediums available in the market, both electronic and physical, to help your kid improve their vocabulary.

    Having said that, there is no particular age to start off. In fact, the earlier the better as one learns more with the passing time. We have compiled a list of five word building games to help your kid continue to strengthen their vocabulary.

    Plugo Letters by PlayShifu

    Plugo Letters is an AR-powered word building kit from PlayShifu (an early-learning tech toys brand). The kit comes with 48 physical letter tiles, a trunk, a gamepad, and works with the Plugo app. The app has six games with delightful stories and characters that help children improve vocabulary and learn English grammar—adjectives, nouns, verbs, prepositions, and more.

    How to play? It is genius! All you have to do is place the letter tiles on the trunk to spell a word. These, in turn, are mirrored on the screen and the story progresses. Inspiring, isn’t it?

    Super Toy LCD Writing Tablet

    This LCD writing tablet comes with a delicate screen that lets your kid learn and write new words. Also, it lets your kid make different lines and shapes. This solid case and screen are suited for travel, and home use. The tablet shows your notes until you erase them with the touch of the button. One contact button deletes the notes immediately. 

    The super toy writing tablet is very lightweight & portable, easy to carry. It comes with a writing stylus pen and a place to store it safely. 

    Kids Laptop 

    laptop vocabulary games

    Kids laptop has become a trend in the market. The reason being, your kid has always seen you working on the laptop here and there and they are probably enamored by it. To alleviate this problem, the kids’ laptop comes with a bright screen, pressable buttons, and a mouse pad. Your little one can flip this toy either into a laptop or tablet mode. 

    The toy is made for kids two years old and up and has real keys for every letter and number 1 to 10. It also has a little carrying handle so that it can be played with on the go and the buttons are perfect for the little fingers. 

    Fat Brain Alpha Abacus

    abacus vocabulary games

    This simple and well-made toy encourages your child to learn new things. Made of wood, each block is printed vibrantly with a letter & a number on one side and a vividly illustrated example word on the other. Flip over the A to find an apple (benefits of ice apple), B to find a bee, and the C to find a car. Give your little one an easy head start on learning with Alpha Abacus. The alpha abacus is recommended for kids aged two years old and up and will lead to lots of learning. 

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    Extrakids Spelling Game

    Made from good quality material, Extrakids has perfectly designed a vocabulary learning game for your little one. It has letter blocks that are sturdy and durable without deformation or crack. Its environmentally friendly paint ensures a mild and gentle color, which is better to attract children. The game comes with 28 soft cartoon pattern paper cards that have smooth edges. All you have to do is pick a card, and find out the letters corresponding to the dotted line, then an English word is spelled. 

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    Summing Up!

    Exposing your children to language during early years can help boost their brain development, create a solid foundation for reading, comprehension, language development, help form important connections, support creativity, and much more. 

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