Everyone does not have the power to create beautiful visual art pieces. But those who do are definitely blessed. The confidence that one gets after being able to transform a blank canvas or a blank sheet of paper into a beautiful picture full of colours and meaning.

If you are also someone who loves colours and art then you would have struggled to explain to your parents what exactly is it that you want to do. Right? You can tell them that you wish to pursue art and unlike what they think your career can be stable and well paying too. Thus in order to help you convince yourself and your parents here are some professions for the enthusiasts of visual arts. So, take a look.

Fine Artist/Painter

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Your love for colours and for turning blank canvas to masterpieces can take you on the path of becoming a fine artist. You can create original works of art as a fine artist and can paint any medium including wood, metal or textiles and with the advent of social media, you can start a page for yourself and showcase your talent. Not only that, you can start your website where you can start selling those pieces by yourself. 

And since we all know that the world is moving towards digitalisation and new media. People appreciate raw talent more and thus your job will be very stable and well paying for as long as social media is at our service.

Wall Artist

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You can be a street artist if you have that fine sense of talent for uplifting just any area with your magical vision and colours. Street artists have now become very popular as a lot of cafes and other newly opening places love to add a wall piece. Moreover, this job is super lucrative too. You can earn on a project basis or work as a freelancer for clients.


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Creating digital motifs of things and people around you is mostly the work of an illustrator. And becoming one can give you a lot of benefits. You can have all the creativity at work and get paid well too. 

Art Gallery Curator

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You can also be an art gallery curator if you love visual arts. There are a lot of art galleries around the country and the world and looking after the art pieces, buying and arranging them in the gallery so that they look perfect is what a curator does.

Art Therapist

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Art has emerged out to be a form of treatment of mental health for not only middle-aged people but also teenagers and young kids. Art allows free expression and thus works well as a therapy for most people who stay numb and silent most of the time.

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Art Teacher 

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One of the conventional career options that is super stable and well paying is that of an art teacher. If you are good at art, impact your knowledge and be a teacher, talk colours all day with your students and explain how things actually work in the magical world of visual arts.

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