It was 20 years ago from November 9 when the state of Uttarakhand was founded by combining seven districts from the North West of Uttar Pradesh with a portion of the Himalayas. The car plates read UK and the state is full of picturesque scenery.  In celebration of this day which is also called Uttarakhand Divas, I have listed some food items which not only have interesting names but are great in taste as well. I have personally tasted more than half of them as my friends get something or the other when they go home or their moms pack for them when they come to the office.  

Delectable sweets to everyday food, the dishes mentioned are mostly very healthy as they use all the local ingredients and their unpolished versions. The specialty of the Garhwali food items is that they are generally cooked on burning wood or charcoal and the list below is a mix of Garhwali dishes and  Kumaon dishes. 

Garhwal ka Fannah


In Himachal Pradesh, we call it kulith dal but in Mussoorie, it is known as Garhwal ka Fannah. It is prepared a bit different with ginger and garlic and is a must-have food item when you go there, You will see on most menu cards in the main course section. 


This one is super nutritious and interesting in taste. It is the rice preparation made using buckwheat which is meant to be enjoyed with the Fannah or kulith ki dal. It is a good source of Vitamin A & B12. 

Kandalee Ka Saag

Very popular among tourists as well, this green leafy vegetable dish is made using  “Bicchu Ghas” when using an authentic recipe.  It is extremely rich in nutrients. 

Kumaoni Raita

This raita is another interesting dish which involves curd, cucumber and turmeric. It is a totally Kumaon style dish and their first love. 



Yes, the name is kind of cute and th taste of this dish is just mind blowing. It is a dal preparation which is served mostly with rice. It is this winter season when this dish is prepared but it can be had anytime as you wish. 


This dish is every spinach or saagh lover’s dream come true. People of Uttarakhand swear by it. Cooked with fenugreek leaves prepared in an iron kadai, this dish is best enjoyed with hot rice. 

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This is a dal or lentils dish which needs a good amount of preparation. A variety of dals are soaked together overnight in water and is made into a soupy consistency and enjoyed with rice. 

Bhang Ki Chutney

No, this is not a joke. This actually exists!  Hemp seeds made into a chutney are aromatic and the dish is perfectly tangy in taste. 



This is a very yummy dish and a hit amongst tourists. This local sweet snack is made using jaggery and has its origins in Garhwal. 


This dish is another sweet which is also called Singodi or Singauri. It uses a lot of khoya or thickened milk and is then wrapped in maalu leaf. Shaped into a cone, this is specific to Almora in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.

Have you tried any of these dishes?

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