We all love celebrating our special occasions with friends and family, most of us would go over the board and host a big party. But when it comes to paying attention to the details we often ignore certain things like setting up a table. Putting your crockery here and there on a table looks untidy and can be a big turn-off for the guests. If you are someone looking for ways to set up your table before an event, then don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Follow these simple tips for table setting to make everything look organized and well planned.


Basic Rules For Setting Up A Table:

table setting ways

You can always set up your table the way you want based on the event. However, certain rules need to be followed in almost every table setting.

  • Always put your plates in the center of a placemat
  • Napkins or tissues should be put on the left side of the plate
  • Your serving implements should be placed in an order based on their usage
  • Knives pointing towards the plate with spoons on the right side
  • Forks should be placed on the left side of a plate on a napkin (you can put napkins on the side)


Regular Table Settings

table setting formal event

This table setting is ideal for day to day basis or weekend brunches, it does not require you to invest much time.  You can always choose the flatware according to your mood with this table setting, or you can ditch some items too if they aren’t required like a serving spoon or placemat.

  • Put a placemat (if you’re using one) at the center of the table.
  • Place the plate on the mat at the center
  • Put your spoons on the right side of the plate right next to a knife
  • Glasses should be placed right above the knife on the top right corner
  • Place the napkins or tissues right next to the plate or under the fork on the left side


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Special Event Table Settings

table setting dinner

If you are hosting a dinner party or any formal get-together, you would want to look everything just perfect. With this table setting you can’t take much liberty as it needs to look well-arranged and in place. You will have to include round placemats and chargers or presentation plates in this setting to get a more organized look.

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Formal Event Table Settings

  • Put a crease-free tablecloth on the table
  • Place the presentation table for each seat
  • In the middle of a charger or presentation plate put a soup bowl
  • Place the bread plate slightly above and next to the dinner plate or charger
  • Place the butter knife horizontally on a bread plate
  • Your forks need to be placed inside on the left side of the charger and the salad fork outside
  • Put the knife on the right side of the plates and spoons right next to the knife
  • Now, place the dessert spoons on the dinner plate in a horizontal position with its handle pointing to the right
  • Then place your wine glasses on the top right corner of the place setting. Make sure you are putting water glasses at the convenience of the guests
  • Put your napkins in the holder or folded position on the salad table
  • Put the salt and pepper sprinkler above the dessert spoon or around the center of the table. 

We hope you would find these table setting tips handy and useful. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more.

image courtesy: Unsplash