The whole country seems to be in Goa, going by the various social media posts although I am not sure how safe is it amid this pandemic and certainly do not want to bump into people I am trying to avoid. However, for those who are already there, why just stick to Goa when you have so many other places within a 100 km range? Explore the places around you if you can. These places are less crowded and are equally beautiful!



This place is just 45 kms away from Maharashtra. It was earlier the capital of the Kingdom of Sawantwadi, when it was ruled by the Sawant Bhonsle royal clan of the Marathas. The name earlier was Sundurwadi until 1850. It is well known for its wooden toys and has now become a tourist attraction. 



Located 70 kms from Goa, this place is home to a long and narrow stretch of the beach. People often come here for a weekend getaway, from Goa. The white sands, pristine water and the forts cannot be missed here. 



This hill station of Maharashtra is located in the Sahyadri Hills, right before the plains of Goa begin. The scenic, beautiful landscapes are mesmerising and a visit here is worth it. It is 55 kms away from Goa.

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The heritage and culture of Malvan are the backbone of the place and the vacation here cannot be complete without visiting the Sindhudurg Fort. This place is 73 kms from Goa.



The clear waters and beautiful mountain ranges make this a super amazing destination near Goa. People enjoy a good session of snorkeling and scuba diving here. If you do make a plan for this place then do not forget to checkout the Lighthouse and the Tagore Beach near Devbagh. This place is in Karnataka and it is 79 kms away from Goa.

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Located in Karnataka, this place is situated 83 kms from Goa. It is a wonderland for shoppers and people who are into beauty. It is very popular amongst Goans. 

So don't just stick to Goa, head out, rent a car and visit pleaces around you as well. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such trip ideas.