Non-stick cookware has now become essential in every Indian household. Why? It makes cooking extremely easy and healthy at the same time. The non-stick surface reduces the risk of your food sticking to the utensil. Also, food prepared in non-stick cookware uses less amount of oil. Overall, if we say, non-stick utensils are the new hero of our kitchen and we just can't do without them any longer. 

If you already have non-stick cookware at home, you know, these are usually priced higher than regular utensils. You obviously want these to last for longer time period. There are a lot of tips that help you make your non-stick utensils last longer. Scroll down to know. 

Season The Utensil With Oil

Even though it is a non-stick pan, it is important to know use some oil on it. What's the right way of doing it? Take some oil and spread over the utensil using a spatula. Using a paper towel, wipe the oil, and begin cooking. 

Never Use Metal Spoons For Cooking

non stick pan cookware

Avoid using a metal spoon or knife on the non-stick pan if you want to make your utensil last for longer. These sharp objects can take off the non-stick coating from the utensil. You can use cooking spoons made of plastic, wood, or silicone. 

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Wash With Soapy Water For The First Time

When you first get any non-stick cookware home, make sure you cleanse all the dirt or residue on it with hot soapy water. Scrub it using a soft sponge and then rinse. Let it completely dry and then it is ready for use. 

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Don't Cook On High Heat

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Non-stick cookware lasts longer when used for low to medium heat cooking. Cooking on high heat can damage the non-stick coat. 

Avoid Cooking Acidic Foods

Acidic foods like tomatoes and lemons shouldn't be prepared in non-stick cookware as they can ruin the non-stick coating. 

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Store It Properly

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Never store your non-stick cookware too close to utensils with sharp edges. If you are hanging them in your kitchen then make sure there is a lot of space. This will prevent the non-stick coat from scratching. 

Always Let It Cool Completely 

Do you have a habit of placing your cookware in water just after cooking? Always make sure that the utensil is completely cool and then you put it in water for cleansing as this drastic change in the temperature can harm the nonstick coating. 

Clean It Right

Always use a soft sponge to clean your non-stick cookware. If there are any spots or residue on the utensil then use a mix of baking soda and water to cleanse it. Finally, clean with a paper dipped in vegetable oil. 

Make sure that you never store your food in such cookware. Keeping your food in a non-stick utensil can make the food absorb the metallic taste

If you are planning to buy non-stick cookware but don't know how to pick the right one then here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Go for a utensil that has a PTFE coating. Also known as Teflon, this one lasts longer than any other coating and is healthy. 
  • Both aluminum and stainless steel are good options. However, aluminum surfaces heat quickly and don't give your food equal heat distribution. On the other hand, stainless steel is heavier and expensive. 

We hope these tips help you take care of your non-stick cookware properly. For more such tips, stay tuned!