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Hidden Jewels Of Indian Food

India is known for its amazing cuisines; so lets take a deep dive into these delicious hidden jewels of India.
  • Neha Pande
  • Editorial
Published -01 Nov 2021, 16:07 ISTUpdated -01 Nov 2021, 16:34 IST
Hidden Jewels Of Indian Food and various dishes

Food is a big part of Indian culture be it mother's showing their love through their cooking or be it an angry wife showing her resentment. You must have never seen anyone sad or angry while eating delicious food. Yes; maybe before and after but never while eating has anyone been upset. 

India is known for its diversity and culture; what better way to explore both through the means of food! Here we have a list of the best hidden jewels of Indian cuisine. 

Kamal Kakri Kofta Curry From Uttar Pradesh

Kamal Kakri Kofta Curry From Uttar Pradesh

Kamal Kakri also known as the Lotus stem actually makes an amazingly decedent curry which is all flavours of yummy, tangy, spicy deliciousness. This dish originates from the hilly regions of Uttar Pradesh where this dish is popular. In India there are multiple dishes which are made by using the lotus stem; some of them are surprisingly found in the arid Rajasthan! 

These koftas made by using Kamal Kakri (lotus stem) is soft in the middle with a fried hard shell which is just so satisfying to bite in. The gravy in the dish is made with a curd base like a lot of curry and gravy dishes from Uttar Pradesh. If you ever get a chance to try it in the state then please do because you will surely come back for more. 

Beef Ularthiyathu From Kerala

Beef Ularthiyathu from Kerala

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South is known for its yummy Idli-Sambar and Dosas but did you known that the state of Kerala has been hiding this beautiful gem from all of us? Beef Ularthiyathu is a dish from Kerala and is one of the most decadent and mouth watering dish that till date you had no clue about. Ularthiyathu quite literally means dry roast; The name of the dish is Beef Ularthiyathu which directly translates to Dry Roast Beef. 

The dry roast does take a lot of time but it is definitely work it; just one bite will take you to food heaven. Beef Ularthiyathu has all the spices from roasted to crushed. It has an amazing tang and zing to it which will make your tastebuds happier than ever! This dish will make you drop your dosa and switch to Beef Ularthiyathu. 

Misa Mach Poora from Arunachal Pradesh

Misa Mach Poora from Arunachal Pradesh

If you are a sea food lover then hold your horses because you are taking a deep dive into one of the tastiest sea food you'll ever try. Misa Mach Poora from Arunachal Pradesh also better known as grilled shrimp is quite an easy dish to make but it requires some grilling skills. 

Misa Mach Poora is usually served with rice and actually is quite healthy for you. You have grilled and sauteed vegetables with delicious prawns. You can add your own sea food twist by adding mussels in the dish as well as the two will go together and taste amazing.  

Patoleo From Goa

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Goa is known for a lot of things like party, booze, dancing, the beaches, freedom etc. But do you know about all the yummy food the state has to offer? Goa is known for its sea food but here we wanted to introduce to a dish that not many know about; Patoleo. 

You must have heard about the Japanese Mochi rice cakes; Patoleo is quite similar as it can also be called a type of rice cake. Patoleo uses grated coconut, rice and jaggery which is cooked through a steaming process. Each individual Patoleo is wrapped in turmeric leaves which gives it flavour and aroma. 

Phagshapa From Sikkim

Phagshapa From Sikkim

It might not look like the most appetizing dish but believe me it is extremely tasty. Phagshapa is a dish from Sikkim and is a meat based dish which is either made from pork or chicken; both meats are tender and easily available in the region. 

This yummy dish is made up of a lot of chilli and radishes which gives them heat to survive the cold. While cooking the meat is cookecwith garlic ginger paste, chillies, randishes and a tinge of oil. 

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