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    Your Favourite Food Items You Thought Are Vegetarian But Are In Fact Non Vegetarian!

    If you are a pure vegetarian and love naan then here is fact you may not know. Some food items we thought are vact non veg!eg are inf
    Updated at - 2020-11-15,09:30 IST
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    Vegetarians are very specific about what they eat. They check for the green marks and some even smell their food before consuming it. But did you know that there are certain dishes in our favourites list which are said to be veg but are in fact nonvegetarian?! Take a look at these dishes and you will see food in a different way starting now.


    Are you a cheese lover? Love oodles of it on your pizza full of veges? Well there is a sad news. Some of the variety of cheese has an enzyme called rennet which is infact sourced from the gastrointestinal tract of animals.


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    Most of our favourites, this loving dish which we enjoy with our butter chicken on kadhai paneer, is actually not vegetarian! All authentic naan recipes have egg in them to knead the dough and make the naans more elastic and soft. So do check with your chef how it is being prepared.

    White Sugar

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    Honey has always been considered and recommended as a healthier sweetening agent and it is less adulterated but sugar processing is not vegetarian at all. Sugar is not white naturally and is in fact artificially polished with bone char. So you may want to do a deep study on what you have been adding to your tea and sweet dish if you are pure veg. 

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    Salad Dressing

    Many vegetarians love salad but the dressings you drizzle on them are not. All those colourful and spicy dressings are often made using eggs. So do ask and check the ingredients of those sauces if you are very conscious of them. 

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    Packed Orange Juice

    If being a vegetarian you have been having a lot of packed orange juice then don't be shocked, your juice has added omega 3 fatty acids that come from fish oils. The vitamin D in comes from lanolin which is an oil sourced from sheep's wool. However, not all brands have this.  

    So what shocked you the most and will you still drop these from your plate? 

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